One and the Same #MFRWHooks

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Because I just finished (hopefully) the edits for my up new release with The Wild Rose Press, here’s a bit about my first romance with them.

Hey, it only took me ten years .

Ten years plus a dozen or so more books published. Three publishers shutting down on me.  Ten books reverted back (I think.) Republished two of them and plan on rewriting six. One I put on Wattpad and the last I gave up on.

A deep bass voice roared, stopping her near the sofa and loosening the beats of her heart into a rapid rush of a thundering waterfall...She recognized that voice.

A taste of One and the Same

A deep bass voice roared, stopping her near the sofa and loosening the beats of her heart into a rapid rush of a thundering waterfall…

She recognized that voice.

“Matt,” she whispered. “No!”

He lifted her off her feet and threw her down on the red and green flowered sofa, capturing her hands high up over one of the armrests. She whispered his name again, feeling the heat burning off his body like rays of a tanning bed in the middle of a Seattle rainstorm.


“Kate?” Mint scented breath breezed over her face, sending her heart rate once again dangerously out of control. “Damn it, I could have hurt you.”

Jerking up off her melting body, he moved to the nearest lamp and switched it on before twisting around to face her. Nothing showed on his impassive face. “Sit up.”


“Get up.” Dark eyes glared at her, focusing on the exposed expanse of her tiny middle. “And you might as well cover up, it won’t work on me.”

“What won’t work on you?”

“I don’t care how sexy you are, how beautiful you look laying there in the dim light, TopNotch Security is not going to finance that damn television show.” He glared harder at her. “I don’t know what Erin was trying to do, bringing you here, but it won’t work. My answer is still no.”

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Need Help on What to Write

I can’t figure out what manuscript to work on along with the fourth book of my Winter Creek, Montana series, so I’ve decided to give away the first paragraph of each one of my unfinished ones.

Maybe I’m strange, but I like to work on two manuscripts at a time. When I get blocked in one, I have the other as backup.

And I always get blocked somewhere in the middle. Never fails.

Here’s the first paragraph of The Marshall’s Lady for you.

She wanted to be anywhere but here.

Short and to the point, yet it set up Kim’s story well.

And here are the choices.

A Search for Forgiveness

(Actually this is the one I should choose because I only have a chapter and a half to write. I have to fix up the conflict a bit, though.)

Her temper would get the better of her, if she wasn’t careful. Rina needed to get her anger under control before she did something really crazy. Like strangle that lawyer. Dragging in a cleansing breath, she peaked out the window of the diner, seeing nothing but the shadowy reflection of an unhappy, upset woman.

The Treasure Myth

(Mystery with a ghost and a buried treasure.)

She would recognize Jed Forrest anywhere. “What are you doing here?”

False Allegations

(Romantic suspense involving stolen diamonds.)

Her hazy gaze focused on the sign showing she’d reached her final destination. Colorful letters spelled out the name of her new temporary home—Hidden River RV Park, as long trapped tears escaped and slid slowly down her cheeks. Over a year had passed since her husband’s fatal accident; hundreds of miles separated her from the site. From the outskirts of Atlanta to a small town a few dozen miles from San Antonio, Texas, she’d traveled the interstates with no tears.


(The first book about a trio of elderly matchmakers. Contemporary romance)

Sunlight just began to brighten the sky when Abby Thomas slipped out of her vehicle. She took in the quiet calmness, breathing in the peace of the silence. Soon the air would be filled with noise and confusion, talking, yelling voices and traffic sounds, but it also would be ripe with the scents of sweet and savory bake goods.


(Paranormal about a psychic and her pain-in-the-butt (dead) grandmother.)

For the first time in longer than she could remember, Jane Bellwood slept well. No nightmares invaded her rest, causing her to moan and cry out in the dead of night. No spectral man or woman, no boy or girl, no child screamed in her mind for help. For once, she awoke refreshed and rested.

Do any speak to you?


#MFRWauthor– How I Plot?

Week 11 of the 52-Week Blog Challenge with Marketing for Romance Writers. This week I’m going to explain how I plot.


Plotting isn’t easy.

The first book I finished (way back in the old days of the late ’80s) was a total mess. I had no idea who the hero and heroine were or what their problem was that kept them apart.  The characters were cardboard cut-outs and the conflict was non-existent. All the hero and heroine had to do was talk to each other about their problems and they would have been resolved quickly. And, while I was writing that book, I believed I would never find anything else to write about at all.

Good news. I finished that book, with plenty of partial ideas for other stories.


So the second book I decided to write I changed into a plotter. I  filled out character charts and wrote up an outline of the story. About fifty pages of outline. Then I started to write it, or tried to write. Never even finished the first page before I got bored with it.

Intense plotting was not for me.

So what ended up working?

Over the years I’ve tried all kinds of different ways to plot–some working better than others–until I settled on my process. It’s a combination of plotter and pantCowboy-largeser. First off, I need to know a lot about the main characters and, second, I need to see a few important scenes clearly in my mind and, third, I  need a possible ending. Normally I think about my stories for a few months until I believe I know the hero and heroine well enough to start writing it, and then I just start writing. Somewhere in the middle of every book I stall out, so I let that story go and work on another one. Eventually they all get finished. Right now I’m finishing a cowboy story I started in 2014 for a specific call.( I have five or six more unfinished stories on my hard drive .)

Beginnings are the hardest for me to write because I start in the wrong place. In one of my stories, Trusting the Cowboy, the original beginning ended up as chapter four or five. By the time I found where it fit, I needed to do a lot of rewriting on it.

Writing is hard.

So how do other writers’ plot? Check it out here.




#MFRWauthors No, I Have to Choose a Book Title

How do I choose a book title?mfrw2017-52-week-challenge-image-300x300

I have a hard time choosing the right title for my WIPs. Usually I start off with something like ‘Winter Creek series, Book Four’ or ‘Bri’s Story’. That way at least I have a title–kind of. Then usually some words I’d just typed in the story comes alive to me and I use those for a title. And other times I used the jobs of the heroine or hero. For instance, The Dressmaker’s Dilemma and Trusting the Cowboy.

What upsets me is when I find a title I like on another book already published, so I feel like I need to change it. For instance, I changed the title of one finished, still unpublished story three times until I found the perfect title for it. First it was called ‘Finding the Right One’ which changed to ‘Listening to Her Heart’ and then finally, “A Second Chance in Panama’. Wonderful. Then I checked on a publishers website and found a recently published book with same title except for the last word. Growl.

Unfortunately finding a good title for one of the books I’m writing is the hardest thing for me. Sometimes the book is completely written and I still don’t have a title for it.

Wish it was easier.

Cowboy-largeDressmaker's Dilemma

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The First Page…

Here is the first page of one of my still unfinished romance, A Search for Forgiveness. This is a long, sweet contemporary romance set in a small (made-up) town in Texas with quirky best friends and cowboys.

Chapter One

Her temper would get the better of her, if she wasn’t careful. Cass needed to get her anger under control before she did something really crazy. Like strangle that lawyer. Dragging in a cleansing breath, she peaked out the window of the diner, seeing nothing but the shadowy reflection of an unhappy, upset woman.

“Maybe you should talk to the owner of the building.” Her friend settled the hot coffee pot on the edge of the table before sliding her model-thin body into the booth. “Getting upset isn’t going to solve anything.”

Cass shook her head, refusing to look toward the waitress. Right now she wished her other, more distrusting friend were here. She needed Maddie Thomas’s hot-headedness a bit more than Tina Ferguson’s comforting attitude. She wanted to stay angry.

“Why would he change our deal? He promised me I could lease the building from him month to month. And now his lawyer,” she said, pointing to the offensive letter near the salt and pepper shakers, “is saying I need to pay him six month’s worth of rent upfront. I just don’t understand why.”

“You need to calm down.”

“I don’t want to calm down.” She glared hard at her friend now. “I want to be mad. I want to yell and scream. Don’t tell me to calm down. You’re not the one looking at a major expense due before the end of the month.”

“Stop it, Cassandra Rogers,” Tina said, glaring at her. “I didn’t do anything to deserve your anger.”

Her friend was right, yet she still wanted to punch something. Someone.

“Maybe you just misunderstood the letter.” Tina slid her closed hand across the smooth table, stopping an inch from the envelope. “I’ve known Mr. Martinson all my life, and he’s always been true to his word. Maybe you should talk to him instead of his lawyer.”

The conflict wasn’t strong enough in this story, so I had to do some major rewriting. I’m at the back-up scene now, and can see the end. Only got about two and a half chapters left to go. Hopefully I’ll have this finished by the beginning of May.


Free Read — An Unplanned Rendezvous — The End

Finally, I’ve gotten to the end of my micro-novel, An Unplanned Rendezvous. I’ve never done a free read before. Next time I’m going to write the story before I start posting it.

Now here’s The End to An Unplanned Rendezvous.

She knew that. Her mother had kept her up-to-date on all her old friend’s here in town. Somehow her mother had known how she felt about Luke. He had more than one opportunity to marry, yet he’d never asked any of them. His father had finally given up on his eldest son a year ago, and started harassing his youngest.

“I’m not my father.”

His voice was so low she barely heard the words.

“Honey,” his hand touched her shoulder lightly, “I can’t be forever with a woman I don’t love.”

She moved slightly away from him and turned. “Neither can you give your name to a woman your father disapproves of.”

“Didn’t you just say I never allowed my Dad to browbeat me?”

He stood from his seat and stood behind her, placing his hand gently on her arm and turning her toward him. He didn’t drop his hand, but neither did he move her closer.

“I’m not my father, Annie.”

She sighed. “I always thought you were different until I… heard the rumors about you.”

“And that’s all they were,” tightening his hand harder around her arm. “Rumors and lies.”

“You forget I saw you with Beth, Luke.” She tried to pull away but he pulled her closer to him. “And that your Dad told me about your engagement.”

“He lied to you.”


His fingers caressed up her arm, stopping at the curve of her neck. Her heart beat rough in her throat, showing him without words what his nearness did to her.

“He found out about you.”


“Rather,” he said lightly. “About us.”

“Having sex, you mean?” She tried to push him away again, but this time he encircled both arms around her and set his chin against the top of her head. “This won’t work, Luke.”

“It won’t?” She sighed when his lips traveled over her head to her earlobe. He bit on it gently before setting her aside. “You’re right. I want your body, but it’s your heart I’m after. That’s what I told my father.”

Warmth filled her. Why should this statement give her hope when the words I love you didn’t affect her? She didn’t know, yet the feeling couldn’t be denied.

“All I’m asking is you give me a chance.”

Something in his eyes, in his stance spoke to her. Yet… “If I decide to return home, and practice medicine here, would you still want to marry me?”

His grin said it all.

“I’m not saying I’m moving back.” Annie moved into his arms, wrapping hers around his chest. “But… it’s a possibly.”

“That’ll be enough,” he said, looking deep into her eyes. “For now.”

Annie brushed her lips over his, loving the intense feel of them. “I’ve wanted to come home for a long while.”


“Yes, really.”

Things weren’t even close to being settled between them, but it was a start.

And Annie was finally where she wanted to be.


Free Read — An Unplanned Rendezvous

Hey, I found this free story I wrote for a Beachwalk Press round robin read.  Here’s part one. Come back tomorrow for the next installment.

I hope you enjoy it.

An Unplanned Rendezvous

“Come on, Annie, live a little.” Tracy rose from her lounger and stretched her arms high in the air, showing off her toned abs and flat belly. “If I get the attention of either of those guys, I’ll be one happy woman.”

Annie Roswell glanced over at the interested males and shook her head. “You’re unbelievable.”

“Yes.” Tracy grinned. “I got mine, now you stretch.”

“Not going to happen, Tracy.”

Her grin widened. “You say that now, but…”

Swinging her bare legs off the seat of her lounger, she kicked at a small pile of medical journals. Who am I kidding? Why am I trying to deny such an obvious truth? Annie needed this vacation way more than her friend did. She needed some good, old-fashioned, no strings sex. She needed a man–


“I came here to get a tan and catch up on my medical journals, not have heart-pounding sex.” She’d made that particular mistake three years ago, yet… something about the broad shoulders on the one intrigued her. A gentle breeze lifted a strand of loose brown hair from her forehead as she studied him.

“I see you looking.”

A blond and another dark-haired man stood facing them, peering in their direction. They stood near a large grill, holding beer bottles while the shirtless one held a clear glass.

“Look at them, Annie.” Tracy moved toward the edge of the small porch. “The two of us aren’t the only females on this beach. You better make up your mind soon, or all the good guys will be gone.”

Male laughter broke through her denial.  She swallowed dryness when the man turned and grinned at his friends. Deep familiar laughter roared toward her, shocking her back to her seat.


“No, it can’t be.”