And Still Another First Page

This is from yet another one of my WIP with no title. Something different. I’m really loving this story. I’m writing both this story and the last Winter Creek one at the same time. Eventually I’ll get one or the other of them finished.

For the first time since her grandmother’s death, Jane Bellwood slept well. No nightmares invaded her rest, causing her to moan and cry out in the dead of night. No spectral man or woman, no boy or girl, no child screamed in her mind for help. She awoke refreshed and rested.

Finally remember how to block spirits without me?

Crazy Lady Helen McWilliams’s voice broke through her peace. “Stay out of my head, Grandma.”

Her only answer was joyful laughter.

But her adopted grandmother was right. She had finally found a way to keep the figurative door in her head shut at night once again. And it had only taken her less than three years, twenty-three years after experiencing her first true-to-life nightmare. That particular morning she’d awoken to more than just blood on her sheets and cramps roaring over her lower stomach and down her legs. Her doctor stepfather had given her some medication for the pain and her mother gave her a pad—and someone unknown showed her how to build an image of a door and close it on the invasive thoughts threatening to drive her insane. Out of desperation she’d tried to do as the images suggested, finally achieving a level of peace during her waking hours.

Six years later she met the woman who’d sent her those freeing images in the waiting area of her father’s emergency room, and she’d started to learn how to keep that door close while asleep.

Crazy Lady Helen had rammed her way into her life, and hadn’t left it since.

Even three years dead, she still haunted her.

Oh, you poor, poor thing.

Jane shook her head at the clear voice speaking in her head, covering over the thousands of vaguer thoughts from her mind.

You’re the one keeping me here, honey.

“No, I’m not.”

Ghostly laughter spilled through her. But I want to be here, Jane. I’m not ready to let go yet.

Will you ever be?

Not until you don’t need me anymore, honey.

Jane sighed. “Go away now, Helen.”

Only laughter sounded in her head now.

Crazy Lady Helen was right, though. She’d needed her then and she still needed her now.

Sneak Peak Sunday

Decided to do the Sneak Peak this Sunday.

The six paragraphs I’m using are from the third book in the Winter Creek,  Montana series with Beachwalk Press.  Still unfinished, so be warned.

This is Rose and Mark’s story tentatively called The Schoolmarm’s Redemption.

Here it is–

Why was she shying away from him? Why was she pushing him away when all she wanted was to get closer?

“Are you coming?”

Mark didn’t look over at her. “I… can’t…”

“Okay, if that’s what you really want,” he said, stepping out of the schoolhouse toward the top of the stairs. He froze with one foot on the first step and twisted his head in her direction. Heat glared hot out of his eyes when he lifted the brim of his hat. “But I don’t think it is, Rose.”

It’s not, she wanted to tell him, but it’s for the best.

“One day I’m going to find the bastard who did this to you,” he whispered, a growl of anger blasting the words out. “And when I do, I’m going to kick the shit of him.”

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Six Sentence Sunday

Another little tidbit from Renovations, the second book in my The Sisters Callaway series.

Because I’m a nasty old lady, and I have the first book in the series coming out soon, I’m going to stop leave you wondering what happens next.  Next sunday I’m going to start posting snippet from Saving Pale Moon.

Hope you’re enjoying all the excerpts. Why not go and check out a few more at Six Sentence Sunday?

And I promise I’ll get back to Renovations.


      “I’m looking forward to working with you, Megan.”

      She glanced at him, and nodded. His words may be welcoming but his demeanor said a totally different thing to her. His hand may be warm covering hers but his eyes were suddenly chilly.

      “I’m looking forward to that to, Andy.”

      And the battle had begun.

Six Sentence Sunday

Sunday again? Where has the week gone?

I want to thank everyone for all the kind comments. They mean the world to me.

For today’s #sixsunday, I’ve got another little excerpt from my WIP Renovations.  Andy is acting nice in this one, but Megan is still wary about him. 

Like to read more, go to Six Sentence Sunday.


          “I guess I’ll be going to Cracker Barrel.”

          A hand froze her forward movement. She stopped near the edge of the stairs and turned toward the man. His hand lingered on her half-raised arm for a moment longer than necessary before he dropped it to his side. “Look, I’m trying to tell you I’m sorry for how I acted the other day.”

          “I accept your apology.”

Six Sentence Sunday

Another Six Sentence Sunday again.

My hero is turning in to a charmer. (Who would’ve guessed that would happen?) This is part of the same scene as last weeks #sixsunday. This is from the second book of The Sisters Callaway series, Renovations.

Like this little snippet, check out more here.


           Her stomach growled as if on target, bringing a surprisingly warm, friendly grin to the younger man’s face. She glared at him, forcing down a totally unwanted response. That tiny grin changed slowly in to a devastating smile, bright, brilliant, breath-stopping… totally unnerving.

          “Sounds good to me.”

         No, no, no. Megan couldn’t go to lunch with the older couple if this man was going along.