Check out the Answers to Some Questions!

Because finishing and selling a book isn’t the end of the road for a romance writer nowadays, I’m a member of a few different Yahoo writing groups.  For both promotional and on-line friendship reasons, we writers need to be on top of things. One of these (many) groups is called Love Romance and More Cafe.   Everyday this… Continue reading Check out the Answers to Some Questions!

So What’s Happening with Erin?

I bet you’re wondering who Erin is?  Well, I have an answer for you.  Erin Patrick is my writing pen name.  Originally I was going to write all my stuff under this one name, but changed my mind.  Since I’ve decided to branch out into sexier, grittier romances with suspense and paranormal undertones, I needed to… Continue reading So What’s Happening with Erin?