Another Page One

This is the first page of the last book in the Winter Creek series from Beachwalk Press. No name for this book yet, so I’m just calling it Bri’s Story.


Quietness was something Jonathan Longstreet Williams craved more than anything, but for some reason the silence now irritated him. He liked being a part of the enthusiasm of the sponsors and visitors to the town, the excitement of the daily shoot-outs, special weekend shows and the lively cattle drive going through the town. He enjoyed being one of the founding members of WCHA—the founding member—but now all he wanted was the solitude of winter time .
Unfortunately this winter had to be different.
Jack Phillips, the other male member of WCHA’s town board, deciding to stay was fine. It was the other person’s presence at the hotel that set him on edge.
Brianna O’Malley .
No good could come from getting closer to her. If the decade old age difference was the only thing keeping them apart, he’d be fine with it. He dated women younger than Bri, yet it wasn’t the only thing. Or the main thing. “Why didn’t you stay in New York?”
No answer came to his question. His cell phone rang a second later and he seized it. He didn’t even look at the number before pressing accept. “WCHA, Longstreet speaking.”
“Still answering with your middle name I see,” a familiar voice said. “Does that mean you haven’t told your friends who you are?”
“Let it go, Peter.”
“I’m just kidding with you, Jon.” His younger brother said. “I understood why you gave the dean a variation of your name. I don’t agree but I do understand.”
“Thanks Peter.” He pushed the hint of guilt away and relaxed in his seat. “We always did understand each other.”
“More than you know, big brother.” He let out a loud breath. “I doubt anyone changes much in that short a time.”
His ex-fiancée did, and so did Brianna. He pushed those thoughts away and stood from his chair. Stepping toward the lone window, he leaned against the wall and glanced in the direction of the hotel. He could only see a corner of it from his position. “If you say so, Peter.”
“Change isn’t bad.”
“Some is,” he whispered.

Would you like to read the first three? Check out my website here.

Forgotten Memories_Medium



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