#MFRWauthor–Social Media Hangouts

I don’t know why I keep forgetting about the 52-Week Blog Challenge, yet I do. Have no excuse except I finished two new books since January, and I’ve got a clear view for a third one. Well, technically I started and finished one of them in about six weeks, but I wrote the first half of the second one way back in 2014. Just finished it a few days ago.

mfrw2017-52-week-challenge-image-300x300Oh, well, at least it’s done.

So this is week fifteen of the challenge, and that means I have to tell everyone about where I hangout on social media.

My two favorite places are Facebook and Twitter. I tend to share mostly political things on my Facebook main page, but my author page is just about books and writing. Lately I’ve quieted down on my political stuff. I’m trying to stay more neutral on things there now, but still… sometimes unbelievable or downright stupid things just have to be shared.

Twitter is my second favorite place. I retweet many different types of things, anything that interest me at the time. I also tend to schedule many tweets for other authors through a Yahoo group called Authors Helping Authors. I enjoy helping other authors get their names out there. Also on Twitter lately I’ve been expressing my opinions on simple truths based on my beliefs. (I’m a sixty-year old white Christian, pro-life women who is tired of being silenced.)

Another place I hangout is Google Plus and Pinterest. Pictures of cats and lovely outdoor settings fill my Google Plus page  as well as promotions for my books. Pinterest is a new place for me to hangout, yet I do add pictures to my boards once in a while. I also just started to set up private boards to help me see some of my heroes, heroines and the places they’ll be spending time in during my journey with them. I have three private boards right now.

I spend time at other social media places also but these are the ones I focus on for my writing.

Appreciate if you would like or follow me. Thank you, if you do.

Oh, and you can also follow me on Author Central. Hopefully will have some new releases soon. #fingercrossed


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