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A bunch of us writers decided to set up this blog hop. All of us will be talking about summer things. Either special summer recipes or sweet memories when young or…anything. Plus you’ll have chances to win some prizes. Including a Kindle Fire. Most read to the end to get that chance. (That’s always nice, isn’t it?)

Okay, to be truthful, mine didn’t happened in the summer. It was in October or November, but it was hot outside. At least it was to a lady who never lived in the south in winter. In my home state of Ohio, no one would be dumb enough to wash an RV during the same months of the year.

Here it is, you’ll find a link to all of the others post below.

For about five or six years, my husband, Mike, and I lived in a 31′ Class C recreational vehicle full time. We traveled south for the winter and worked during the summer months in different campgrounds. In that short time period I experienced many ups and downs. Mostly downs. (That’s why we no longer live in an RV.) This story took place in Georgia, near Savannah, during our first winter down south.


I still remember the day I decided I needed to wash the outside of the RV for the first time. It’ll traveled all the way from Ohio to Georgia and was pretty dirty, so I figured it was about time to clean it.

Not one of my better ideas.

“We’re going to have to wash the RV pretty soon. It’s really dirty.” I told my husband a few days later.

“Why?” My helpful husband said, “It rained last night.”

I decided to keep my thoughts to myself, but couldn’t help rolling my eyes at him. Love the guy, but sometimes…

“Well, if you want to wash it,” he said into the silence. “Go ahead.”

“I will.”

He worked first shift the following day, so I had the day to myself. (Mike was working in security at the time. I had the winter off.) I got the garden hose, a bucket, and this special RV washing brush with a handle that twists out to reach the heights of the vehicle — and I started washing at the front end. I figured the cab part would be the easiest  part to clean.

I was wrong!

After doing the passenger and driver side windows, I got this two step ladder we own and tried to do the curvy top of the cab.

Nothing doing.

For one thing the stupid special brush with the extension wouldn’t extend out the way it was supposed to do. I twisted and turned it until the skin on my hands was raw. I threw it to the ground a few times in frustration, but I tried to keep my language respectable for the sake of the elderly people and children around me.  I may have been able to curbed the swear words on the outside, but they were quiet in my mind.

This is when I suddenly remembered I couldn’t wash the vehicle until I paid the RV park the $5 fee, for the water use. I figured I’d better go to the office and pay the lady before I got into trouble. When I returned from the park office a few minutes later, I felt a bit calmer.

That’s when I decided to gave up on the front and started washing one of the sides. I finally got the extension handle to work, but now it wouldn’t stay secured in the longer positions. Every time I reached the brush up to the highest points of the RV, it would push inward. By the time I got done with that side, I was ready to throw the whole stupid thing away.
But I still didn’t swear — too loud.

Another wonderful thing about this particular cleaning tool is you’re supposed to be able to attach it to your garden hose, so it’ll be easier to clean the vehicle. At the attached end of the brush you’re supposed to able to open and close a valve to control the flow of the water. But, you guessed it, that didn’t work at all either.

I did throw the brush into the clearing behind me, but retrieved it quickly. Mainly because the dumb thing on wheels was less than half clean. It looked worse now than it did before I started.

By the time I finally got the entire 31 feet of my RV wash and rinsed, I was soaked from the middle of my stomach down. But I got the Four Winds cleaned. Well, except for the roof.

When my husband got home, he came in and didn’t say a word.

I waited.


“I washed the RV today.”

“Oh, you did,” he said, going back out the door.

“Yes.” I said. “I got wetter than the RV did.”

“Like you were in a wet tee shirt contest?”

“Oh, please.”

He laughed and wandered around the RV, touching places here and there. “You missed a spot over here.”

I should have known all my work wouldn’t be appreciated. “Next time,” I said. “You’re going to be washing it.”

And when he does, I’m going to be sitting in a lawn chair with a cool drink in my hands — and a camera.

And, yes, we are still together.


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