#Sexy Snippets


I saw this on Facebook and decided to give it a try.  The rules of seven sexy sentences to either a WIP or published work. I’ve decided to use my reverted back to me story called Winning the Bet. (Hopefully it’ll be published again.) This is probably one of my sexiest stories.

You can check out The Nuthouse Scribblers for more Sexy Snippets.

Here’s mine–

He brushed his firm lips against her earlobe, sending her heartbeat racing out of control. His hand fell to her upper leg, fingers spread wide. Her legs opened slightly as his fingers curved over her inner thigh, sending a burst of flames into her pussy. Could he smell her scent whiffing up from the booth? Could he feel the dampness only inches from his traveling fingertips? She clamped her legs tight, trapping his hand between them.




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