Free Read — An Unplanned Rendezvous — The End

Finally, I’ve gotten to the end of my micro-novel, An Unplanned Rendezvous. I’ve never done a free read before. Next time I’m going to write the story before I start posting it.

Now here’s The End to An Unplanned Rendezvous.

She knew that. Her mother had kept her up-to-date on all her old friend’s here in town. Somehow her mother had known how she felt about Luke. He had more than one opportunity to marry, yet he’d never asked any of them. His father had finally given up on his eldest son a year ago, and started harassing his youngest.

“I’m not my father.”

His voice was so low she barely heard the words.

“Honey,” his hand touched her shoulder lightly, “I can’t be forever with a woman I don’t love.”

She moved slightly away from him and turned. “Neither can you give your name to a woman your father disapproves of.”

“Didn’t you just say I never allowed my Dad to browbeat me?”

He stood from his seat and stood behind her, placing his hand gently on her arm and turning her toward him. He didn’t drop his hand, but neither did he move her closer.

“I’m not my father, Annie.”

She sighed. “I always thought you were different until I… heard the rumors about you.”

“And that’s all they were,” tightening his hand harder around her arm. “Rumors and lies.”

“You forget I saw you with Beth, Luke.” She tried to pull away but he pulled her closer to him. “And that your Dad told me about your engagement.”

“He lied to you.”


His fingers caressed up her arm, stopping at the curve of her neck. Her heart beat rough in her throat, showing him without words what his nearness did to her.

“He found out about you.”


“Rather,” he said lightly. “About us.”

“Having sex, you mean?” She tried to push him away again, but this time he encircled both arms around her and set his chin against the top of her head. “This won’t work, Luke.”

“It won’t?” She sighed when his lips traveled over her head to her earlobe. He bit on it gently before setting her aside. “You’re right. I want your body, but it’s your heart I’m after. That’s what I told my father.”

Warmth filled her. Why should this statement give her hope when the words I love you didn’t affect her? She didn’t know, yet the feeling couldn’t be denied.

“All I’m asking is you give me a chance.”

Something in his eyes, in his stance spoke to her. Yet… “If I decide to return home, and practice medicine here, would you still want to marry me?”

His grin said it all.

“I’m not saying I’m moving back.” Annie moved into his arms, wrapping hers around his chest. “But… it’s a possibly.”

“That’ll be enough,” he said, looking deep into her eyes. “For now.”

Annie brushed her lips over his, loving the intense feel of them. “I’ve wanted to come home for a long while.”


“Yes, really.”

Things weren’t even close to being settled between them, but it was a start.

And Annie was finally where she wanted to be.



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