Free Read — An Unplanned Rendezvous Part 4

I’ve got another installment of my micro-novel for you today.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for another segment.



An Unplanned Rendezvous — Part Four

 “I’ve never lied to you.”

She twisted her arm out of his hold and backed from him. “Do you even remember what you said to me?”


She shivered as his fingers caressed down her bare arm, entangling his fingers with hers. Sadness filled her as an emotion she’d tried to hide away from for years slithered unchecked in her heart. “Not every word, though.”

“Yes, every word.”

Annie pulled her hand away. “If you meant every word, why did I see you half-naked with my bitch cousin? In a very compromising position two nights later?”

He tightened his fingers around her hand and pulled her closer to him. ‘It wasn’t what you thought, Annie. She was upset because her father was in the hospital. Your uncle.”

“Oh, really,” she said, yanking her hand free and stepping in the sand. “You were doing more than just comforting Beth than.” She turned on him and moved down the beach. “Just leave me be now. I’m not interested in listening to any more lies.”

“So you’re running away again?”

No anger sounded in his tone now, no harshness, no recrimination. Instead was the voice of the man who’d finally said those words she never thought he would say. The voice of the man who’d made her feel like a woman again after she’d found out her ex-fiancée’s had sleep with her bitch cousin.

“I do love you, Annie,” he whispered. “I always have.”

Even now, her heart screamed inside her. She wanted to believe, yet…

“Nothing has changed, Annie.” He stepped in closer to her and reached for her arm. “I never regretted being with you.”

One tear escaped her control and she swiped it away. “Sweet words,” she turned toward him, “but that’s all they are, Luke.” She shook her head and backed away. “That’s all they were three years ago when you first said them to me, and it’s all they are now.”

“They aren’t just words.”

Another tear escaped. She allowed it to fall this time. “Good-bye, Luke.”

“No,” he said, anger echoing in his deep voice now. “Not this time.”


He grabbed both her upper arms and lifted her off her feet, tightening her hard against his front. Her heart beat fast and rough under her breasts as it remembered a night that should’ve never happened. One when two friends turned into something more. She’d needed him that night. She’d needed to take something her cousin never had — and always wanted — in payment for her sleeping with her ex.

“We’re going to talk about what happened, Annie.”

For two days she’d believed she’d finally gotten back at her cousin until she caught them together. “You weren’t comforting her that night, Luke. I saw the look of triumph on her face. I heard your laughter.”




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