Free Read — An Unplanned Rendezvous

Hey, I found this free story I wrote for a Beachwalk Press round robin read.  Here’s part one. Come back tomorrow for the next installment.

I hope you enjoy it.

An Unplanned Rendezvous

“Come on, Annie, live a little.” Tracy rose from her lounger and stretched her arms high in the air, showing off her toned abs and flat belly. “If I get the attention of either of those guys, I’ll be one happy woman.”

Annie Roswell glanced over at the interested males and shook her head. “You’re unbelievable.”

“Yes.” Tracy grinned. “I got mine, now you stretch.”

“Not going to happen, Tracy.”

Her grin widened. “You say that now, but…”

Swinging her bare legs off the seat of her lounger, she kicked at a small pile of medical journals. Who am I kidding? Why am I trying to deny such an obvious truth? Annie needed this vacation way more than her friend did. She needed some good, old-fashioned, no strings sex. She needed a man–


“I came here to get a tan and catch up on my medical journals, not have heart-pounding sex.” She’d made that particular mistake three years ago, yet… something about the broad shoulders on the one intrigued her. A gentle breeze lifted a strand of loose brown hair from her forehead as she studied him.

“I see you looking.”

A blond and another dark-haired man stood facing them, peering in their direction. They stood near a large grill, holding beer bottles while the shirtless one held a clear glass.

“Look at them, Annie.” Tracy moved toward the edge of the small porch. “The two of us aren’t the only females on this beach. You better make up your mind soon, or all the good guys will be gone.”

Male laughter broke through her denial.  She swallowed dryness when the man turned and grinned at his friends. Deep familiar laughter roared toward her, shocking her back to her seat.


“No, it can’t be.”


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