Blurb for Finding the Right One

Blurb for my Nanowrimo story. (I actually finished this one in the time limit.) Titled (for now) Finding the Right One.

Just started editing the story yesterday. Hopefully will have it ready to submit in a few weeks. I’m going for my dream publisher, Harlequin.

Please be kind. It’s a quickly, written first draft.

Here’s the blurb–

The last place Kim Henderson wants to be is with her family, especially her mother. Unfortunately it’s her father’s sixtieth birthday–and she refuses to miss that milestone. So she swallows her pride and makes arrangements to drive with her younger sister to Miami, Florida. For her father’s sake, she will spend the weekend with her mother.

Then she finds out it’s not just for the weekend, or taking place in Florida, now it’s set for an entire week and in Panama. And more than just her family is invited to the party. Her cheating ex-fiance is going to be there. The man her mother still expects her to  marry because she hasn’t dated anyone seriously since. No way can she do that. No way can she take the time from her business, or use the money to fly all the way to Panama. If it wasn’t for her desire to see her father and siblings, she would just tell her mother no.

Things seem hopeless until she meets Nathan Adams, her little sister’s best friend’s father. He’s good-looking and unmarried. He’s also a pilot.

Maybe he is the answer to both her problems. He can fly her and her sister to Panama and stay around acting as her new lover. But when he agrees to her plan, she wonders if its a good idea. Because she’s not sure if she’s acting anymore.

Has Kim just made things worse? Or could this be the first step to a better life?

My very first finished story was submitted (by mail) to Harlequin in Canada. Of course, it was rejected. Gave up on the publisher when I got contracted with my first electronic publisher.

Thirty years of writing and about 15 contracts, so maybe this book will have a different result.

Dream is still alive.


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