Interview with Lucianne Rivers

What first got you interested in writing? What has kept you doing it?

Reading the Bronte sisters’ and Jane Austen’s books as a young teen greatly influenced my view on life and love. They seemed to know something I did not: that love was something painful and out of reach; but that, perhaps, in the end, we could overcome the odds and prevail. Their writing meant something to me. When I write, I think of the women who will read my work, and wonder if I have struck a chord in the heart of someone else. It’s a reason to write: this connection.

Do you have the support of your family and friends? Has that support always been there, or has it changed since being published?

My immediate family supports me; others either are not interested or don’t understand. However, I live my life in my own eyes, not in the eyes of others.

What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk? Strangest habit? Is there anything you have to do before you start writing?

I used to write “panster” style (by the seat of my pants), but I guess life has changed me. Now, I would like to plan the outline of the novel before I even begin the writing.

What advice would you give to a new writer?

Take some writing classes. I used the wonderful workshops at

What has been the biggest challenge of your career so far?

Bumps in the road of my personal life. It’s hard to write when all your focus goes on making it through the day; the week; the month. I say that in all sincerity, but don’t want to sound melodramatic. Life is rough, but it’s still worth living.

Has a reader ever complimented you on your writing? What was the best thing you ever heard, and who told it to you?

I’ve been complimented on poetry I’ve written, or on letters. Not many of my friends have read my hotter fiction. That’s probably best!

What are you working on now? Could you give us a little taste?

Something I started two years ago, but then life took me on one of those detours and it never got out of the planning stage. It’s a futuristic/ supernatural/ cop novel. It’ll be worth the wait.

Tell us about your latest book.

Her Hot Pursuit is a compilation of the Caldwell Sisters Trilogy: three novellas, each one focusing on a particular sister and her quest to find her long-presumed deceased father who is now thought to be living. Jane, Margo and Ally travel the world in search of him, finding love and danger on the way.

How can people find out more about you?

Go to the website:

Her Hot Pursuit: The Caldwell Sisters Trilogy

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Entice MeHHP_500

Lucianne Rivers

Entangled Flirt

ISBN: 9781622664306

Book Description:

Hold Me

Still reeling from her mother’s death, news anchor Jane Caldwell’s life is upended further when she learns the father she lost twenty years ago is still alive. Her mother’s will unleashes a manhunt—the Caldwell sisters must find their father, or their mother’s estate will not be settled, and their questions about his disappearance will remain unanswered.

Jane’s search leads her to Guatemala to investigate a man who claims to be her father and heir to the family fortune. Needing a translator, she enlists enigmatic Harrison DeNeuve, a sexy ex-patriot with a penchant for wearing dark sunglasses in public.

As Jane struggles to reunite with her would-be father, Harrison fights to suppress his desire for Jane. He has a secret—one he’s sequestered himself in a third-world jungle hideaway to keep safe—and falling for Jane puts more than his heart at risk.

Jane finds two men in Guatemala—a father and a lover—but can she trust either of them?

Thrill Me

Santa Fe Police Detective Margo Caldwell needs a vacation, but the wild goose chase her mother’s death triggers isn’t quite what she had in mind. Margo and her sisters must locate their father, or the Caldwell estate will remain unsettled—and they’ll never know why their father didn’t return from the Gulf War.

Pursuing a lead, Margo heads to the Virgin Islands in search of Zach Caldwell. To navigate the waters of the Caribbean, she needs a boat and a captain. Too bad Captain Adrian Prince, with his mesmerizing muscles and wicked grin, may be a gunrunner.

Adrian takes Margo on his delivery route to small islands near St. Thomas that hide more than wildlife, booze, and sexy boaters. On a remote, mangrove-ridden patch of sand, they find gun-toting Zach Caldwell. When their mission turns deadly, Margo must save Adrian’s life—and her own—even if she loses her heart in the process.

Entice Me

Robert Rivera, private investigator and former Navy SEAL, alerts Allison to new intel identifying her father as a P.O.W. in Afghanistan. With her sisters out of the country pursuing leads, Allison insists on heading to the war-ravaged country to find him. Robert doesn’t want his naïve client to take the risk. He knows what danger lays in that godforsaken land…he’s lived through it. Barely.

But Allison is determined to go, and Robert can’t let her travel alone. Reluctantly appreciative, Allison quickly realizes how much she needs his guidance and protection, and how deeply she longs for his love. Robert struggles to understand her effect on his battle-weary heart.

The path to Allison’s father is blocked by terrorists, traps and treachery—all demons of Robert’s past. Can he survive a second round with the enemy and keep Allison out of harm’s way?

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About Lucianne Rivers

Lucy was born and raised in Ireland. She moved to Santa Fe in 2007 and has a beautiful young daughter. Lucy is a published poet and author of women’s fiction; also a singer, professional actress, and lover of all things related to exercise. The former Program Director of a not for profit, from 2007 to 2011, she is happy to be back in that role after a brief career as a law enforcement officer. Lucy is a student of criminal justice and lover of all things equitable. She advocates for women’s rights, especially in the arena of domestic violence and sexual assault policy.





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