Another #SexySnippet from The Dressmaker’s Dilemma

A hint about what Barb will be wearing on her big date.TDD--cover

Snow had covered the parking lot white by the time the three of them arrived in Winter Creek, an hour after leaving the stagecoach station. Barb sat in the back seat, surrounded by plastic bags filled with their purchases.  Buried deep in one of the more colorful bags was a sexy, bright red bra and panty set.  A barely-there thing Barb planned on wearing Saturday under her new skirt and skintight t-shirt.  She still couldn’t believe she’d actually bought the breasts enhancing bra and skimpy panties.  The way they’d left the station, with Wyatt being all pissed off and upset over some teenage boy, she wondered if he’d even show up for the date at all.

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