#SexySnippets The Dressmaker’s Dilemma

First time out here.TDD--cover

I’ve taken my #sexysnippets from the second book in Winter Creek, Montana series with Beachwalk Press.

Here it is-

The rich color of her eyes seemed to dampen before she looked past him. What are you hiding from me, Barb Grant? Instead of saying a word, he lifted her head up, pulled her scarf from her face, and brushed his lips over hers.  She released her held breath and moved into him, wrapping her arms tight around his waist.  Her lips warmed under his assault, opening slightly as she brought her hand to the back of his head and pressed hard. His cowboy hat slid from him and fell to the ground, but he barely noticed it as her tongue snaked into his mouth and her hand caressed over the thickness of his coat down to his bottom.

Here’s the blurb for The Dressmaker’s Dilemma–

A ghost from Barb’s past is an ever-present reminder that she’s not good mother material, so what happens when she falls for a man with a ready-made family?

Barb Grant is the resident dressmaker for Winter Creek, an old ghost town that’s being rebuilt. But the town ghosts aren’t the main thing that’s causing Barb trouble. It’s the pre-teen girl who suddenly decides she would make a good substitute mother. And the girl’s father.

Wyatt Campbell has been the bane of Barb’s existence since their first meeting. One minute the cowboy is pissing her off thoroughly, but then the next moment she’s wanting to rip his clothes off and make love to him. When rumors start flying that he’s a horrible lover, she can’t believe they could possibly be true. How could a man who can evoke so much passion be a bad lover? Her need to know the truth is the only reason she says “yes” to his date request. Her plan—have sex with him and then say goodbye.

Unfortunately, Wyatt has other plans. He wants a real relationship. But he comes with a ready-made family, and that scares Barb. A ghost from her own past keeps reminding her that she’s not good mother material. She’s made mistakes, mistakes that resulted in a child’s life ending, and she can’t ever forget that.

Could Wyatt be the one man capable of getting past her barriers? Or will Barb’s past forever affect her


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