The First Page

I’m trying to get back into writing the first book in another series called Rebuilding Main Street. I call this one A Search for Forgiveness.

If I put it out there maybe I’ll be able to finish writing it.

Here you go–

The smell of smoke lingered in the air when Cassandra Rogers entered the building, flipping the switch on the wall by the entrance door. Bright lights broke into the early morning dimness of the outside, bringing into focus the boxes of books sitting around the large, square front room. She kicked at the nearest one as she stepped through the door and sniffed the stall air. A frustrated sigh rang in the quiet atmosphere. Six months had gone by since the big fire, yet still her senses found the acidity odor. No matter how many scented devices she placed around the book shop, her sensitive nostrils picked up the harsh smell.

And she wasn’t really sure why.


“No.” Slamming the door closed behind her, she stepped into the crowded shop. “I’m not going there.”

Some problems needed to be ignored as long as possible. And Cass had way more to worry about at the moment. Moving through the haphazardly stacked boxes of books set in every available space on the shop floor, she made her way to her office in the back and flipped on the light. Peace flowed through her at the sight of the undamaged area. Thankfully none of the sparks from the worse fire in the history of Greenfield reached fiery fingers into her office. All of her valuable books and records sat safe and protected as they’d sat for the last two years since taking over the running of the bookstore after her father’s death.

Her father?

Cass shook her head on his image. Another set of memories she’d rather forget.

A burst of fresh air wiped through her opened office door a second before a familiar voice said, “Cass, you in here?”

“I’m in my office.”

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