Another taste

The heroine in Forgotten Memories has special abilities. Here’s a hint of those abilities here.

“I need to drive those cows to the winter pasture soon.”

“How soon?” Allowing her coat to fall off of her shoulders easily, she didn’t miss the loud inhaled breath echoing from him. Damn, but his man was good for her battered ego. “And how many cows do you have up in the hills?”

She twisted around to face him, a grin stretching her face, and froze.

The image formed slowly in the smoke-like air, lifting up above the lean cowboy and her friend before settling near the right side of the suddenly silent man. She watched him jerk to his right. Did he feel the image of the person forming in the cloud? Or is it a man? She wasn’t sure what she was seeing. Adam glanced toward Barb before pulling his hat from his head and glaring to his right side again.

“Jen,” Barb said, “what’s wrong with you?”

The image twisted and turned, swirling around the side of the lean man without touching him, changing into the vague shape of a slender, medium-sized male.

“What’s wrong?” Adam spoke gently. “You’re white.”


“Professor?” Adam asked again, louder this time. He started to reach for her, but dropped his hand back to his side. “Are you cold?”

Barb jerked her head up to stare at him. “You’re cold?”

Familiar iciness spread slowly into her body now, a familiar weakness. A soft joy-filled voice whispered, “He’s here.”

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