Her reaction to him.

As a part of the Love on the Beach Blog Hop for Beachwalk Press, I’ve giving you another little segment of Forgotten Memories, the first book in the Winter Creek, Montana series.

Here it is–

He is one sexy cowboy. Jen glanced at him again, taking in the lean hard essence of the man standing so cocky beside her. His cowboy hat sat low on his forehead now, blocking out the sight of his eyes from her vision. Faded jeans, a blue-striped flannel shirt, weathered boots and a long dark coat completed a pleasing picture of a perfect image of an old-time cowboy. To Jen he fit this historical town.

“So, pretty lady,” he said, with a voice that oozed honey. “Impress me.”

Oh, yeah, if she were at a bar, looking to find a new body to warm her bed, he would definitely be on her short list.

But this isn’t a bar, and she wasn’t interested in finding a new body.

Where in the hell was Barb when she needed her?

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