Cuddle Up with Secret Cravings Publishing

Some of the authors at Secret Cravings Publishing have decided to give away some free things this weekend. I’m giving away a copy of  Winning the Bet to one winner. All you’d need to do is comment on my blog today or tomorrow, and I’ll pick the winner from the comments.

Here’s your chance to cuddle up with some good contemporary romance. If you’d like a chance to win some other stuff,  just go to the Secret Cravings blog.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Winning the Bet--from SCP websiteHere’s a peek of Winning the Bet

“Jack.” Maggie couldn’t go through something like that again. She pulled her hands down, tightening the rough material hard into her wrist. “I don’t think I want to do this.”

He didn’t say anything.

“Please, Jack.” Fear twisted inside her at his silence. She flipped her legs to the side and touched the floor with her toes before gentle arms gathered them up and placed them back on the bed. “You’ll hurt me, just like he did.” Only measured breathing could be heard. “Jack?”

“Your ex-husband?”

“No,” she said truthfully. “Matt was a bastard, but he never hurt me. Well, he never hurt me in a physical way.”

“Do you want me to loosen the bindings?” His voice wavered slightly. “Do you want me to release you?”

Maggie nodded, relief soothing the memory from her.

“Is that a yes?”


His silence seemed to scream in the quiet room for a long moment. Nothing could be heard until a creak sounded near the head of the bed, and he loosened the ties around her wrist. His fingers traveled slow and feather-like down her arm toward her tense shoulder. He spread his fingers under her chin, lifting it upward toward his whispering breath.

“You can trust me.”

She sighed at his words, responding deep inside with a yes. Stupid as it may be, Maggie did trust this almost stranger. She shouldn’t, but she did. She couldn’t trust a man she’d been married to for thirteen years or a man she’d known as a friend for two, so why did she want to believe in Jack?

“I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do.”

He released her chin and reached across her chest, pressing his firm abdomen against her soften nipples for a brief, intoxicating moment before he moved away. She could feel her heart racing fast as he released the tie on the second binding and retied it looser. She swallowed a breath when his fingertips caressed warm on her palm.

“Is that better?”


“Good,” he whispered. “Now you belong to me.”

Want to read more. Here’s the link–


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  1. Winning the Bet sounds like a fantastic read!!

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