It’s out today!

Taking A Risk, the fourth book in The Sisters Callaway series with Desert Breeze Publishing is out today.TakingARiskCoverArt72dpi[1]


Here’s an excerpt for you–

Allie sneaked a peek around the kitchen door, and studied the younger man. He looked so familiar to her, but she couldn’t remember where she’d seen him before, or even when.


Had she met a man with the name since moving to Ranchville? Or maybe he was one of the many men she’d seen at the clinic since her arrival. The first week she’d worked with Larry one man after another had shown up with made-up problems and fake illnesses. She’d been uncomfortable with the attention, yet none of them had been too friendly.

She didn’t think this Sam was one of those men.

Allie would’ve remembered him.

“Renee showed up.”

She jerked her head up, tingles sliding across her back at the deep sound of his voice. She dragged in a long breath and relaxed against the wall, leaning her forehead onto its smooth surface. Jacob’s voice had never thrilled her like this stranger’s. Nothing her ex-husband did had ever made her want to softened the guard around her self-control, even during the beginning of their relationship.

Allie shook her head at the thought and stood up straight.

What an idiotic thing to do. Thirty-four year old divorced women don’t hide outside a door, just so they could listen to a stranger’s voice.


Yet Allie didn’t move from the spot at the wall. She’d never done anything so silly and innocent before, even when she was growing up. Even as a teenager, she’d been old. Graduating high school at fifteen and starting college a year later didn’t leave much room for normal teenage behavior.

Then she’d gone and married a man seventeen years older than her.

“Do you remember what you were thinking when you first saw her?” The deep tone fluttered through her again, pushing thoughts of the past out of her mind. The emptiness she always felt slipped higher to the surface, threatening to overwhelm her. She placed her hand flat on the wall and laid her head against it, then closed her eyes. She didn’t have a clue what the two men talked about, but that didn’t matter. The words weren’t important as long as the younger man was speaking them. “Did you want to run your fingers through it, maybe?”

This statement brought her head up. A few seconds later, Larry answered him.

The doctor laughed in a way Allie had become familiar with, then said, “You know what, Wilma raced out of the room a few seconds after I’d entered it too.”

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