A Writing Update Quickie

I’m finally writing again.

Just finished writing the longest first chapter I’ve ever written.  A bit over 5,500 words. Now, of course, I have two chapters done.

Maybe, Someday is the final Sister Callaway book with Desert Breeze Publishing, and I am so glad. I don’t know about other writers, but I’m getting mighty tired of these sisters. I’ve been living with them since the late ’80s.

SavingPaleMoonCoverArt72dpiThe only good thing about the last book is the heroine, Kelly, is actually only a honorary Callaway. You see, she’s the real sister of Jessie from the first book, Saving Pale Moon. (Jessie was adopted by the Callaways.) This book is also fun to write because I have a strong, but stubborn-type of hero. Oh, I meant silent. The two of them have been friends for the past five or so years until he pushed her away. Now she’s getting on with her life without him, and he’s finally realizing how much he loves her.


2 thoughts on “A Writing Update Quickie

  1. I know what you mean about getting tired of living with your characters. They’re like house guests that won’t leave!
    I’m a member of the World Literary Cafe, WLC blog follow.
    See you again soon,

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