The Sisters Callaway Book Four: Taking A Risk


Hey, it’s posted on the all-new Desert Breeze Publishers’ website now. Taking A Risk is coming on March 11, 2013.

Here’s the blurb–

Dr. Allison Anderson only wants to fit into the small-town of Ranchville. Yet the townspeople treat her like she’s incapable of taking care of their simplest problems. She’s a smart, capable doctor, and still half the people refuse to accept her. The men do, but not the women.

Then two things happen. She meets Sam Morgan and she helps clean the hall for the Memorial Day dance. Things begin to change quickly. The women start warming toward her — and so does Sam.

His interest is obvious to her, yet she fights it. The last thing she needs now is another man to mess with her life and her heart.

And she needs to think about her daughter. If her own father didn’t want her, how can another man?

Unfortunately her daughter trusts the man.

Can Allie get over her fear enough to do the same?

And the buy link


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