Editing by Theresa

Did you know I used to work as an editor for two different electronic publishers, Eirelander and Desert Breeze Publishing? I had to quit both because of personal reasons but now I’m finding that I miss doing it. It gives me such joy to be a small part of someone’s dream. I can honestly say that I have never disliked any of the books I have edited in the past, and that a few of them completely surprised me.  One took me by surprise by a completely unexpected twist and another one shot all the way to the #1 spot on Kindle.

I miss that feeling.

So I’ve decided to offer my skills once again. If you have a traditional romance or romantic suspense with a sweet to slightly sexy rating, I’d love to help you make it a better book.  I would also be willing to edit historical and fantasy romances.  (I would prefer no erotic romance, however.) An editor can only make a good book better.

Check out my new blog at Editing by Theresa for more of the details.

Feel free to  leave any questions in the comments here or on my editing blog, and I’ll get back to you with the answers.

Oh, and right now I’m having a sale to entice some on- the- bench clients.

Why not take a few minutes and check out the Editing by Theresa blog?


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