At the Beach — Beachfront Encounter The End

I’ve got the last of my free read story, Beachfront Encounter, on my blog today. If you haven’t read the other parts, you can read them when the new At the Beach, Vol. 2 is released at Beachwalk Press.  It’ll be free like the first one.

Have you read the first one yet? No! Well, you can get it here.

Now to the last part of my story.

Beachfront Encounter

The word was a sigh of relief.

“How did you know that?”

“Van,” she said simply. “He tried to block me from seeing the hell he went through in Afghanistan, but I still saw some things.”

“So the two of you can read each other, for real?”

Tessa opened her mind. “Not anymore.”

I’m… here.

I can barely hear you.

Not much… time.

Tessa sensed that.

Stop. AWOL.

Tessa straightened her back and pulled away from him. “When are you supposed to be back with your unit?”

“I’m not going back.”


She clamped her hands hard into the back of the couch and faced him. “Van wants you to go back.”

His eyes widened at her words. She saw his confusion mixing with the beginning of belief. The corner of his mouth lifted into a smirk. “Things are finally making sense to me. Some of the things he did and said.”

Tessa relaxed her hands on his shoulders. “You know my brother wouldn’t want you to ruin your life by not going back to your unit.”

Go back.

The words sounded distant, too far for her to hear without concentration. Tessa knew her brother would be completely gone soon. “He wants you to go back, Peter.”

“Does he?”


“Okay.” His entire body relaxed with his quick decision. “I will on one condition.”

“What’s that?”

He yanked her up and dropped her back to the couch, settling hard on top of her. The warmth of his breath brushed over her quivering lips a second before he dropped his mouth onto hers, tongue forcing her lips open. She sighed in frustration as she pushed him upward.

“I forgot,” he said, sitting near her feet. “You’re not that easy.”

She could make an exception for Peter, but she wouldn’t. “I hope sleeping with you now wasn’t the one condition.”

“Van told me you’d be perfect for me.” He leaned back into the couch. “I’m thinking he was right.”


“He told me the same thing about you.”

“And?” Peter reached toward her and traced the shell of her ear. “Want to take a chance?”

“Are you going back to your unit?”

He only nodded.

“Then, yes, I want to take that chance.”

Good-bye, little sister.

Instead of hearing her brother’s final words, she sensed them. Then only silence spoke deep in her mind where her brother’s voice used to live. She should be sadder, yet she wasn’t. “He’s gone.”

“I’m sorry.”

She would be okay. Van was where he belonged now.

Completely free.

You made it to the end.

Want to read the end of Elise Whyles’s story, go to


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