At the Beach — Beachfront Encounter Part 5

Got another part of my micro-novel up for you today.  Next week will be the last one. If you’d like to read the first four, click here, here, here and here.  Or you can wait until all the stories are finished and get the second At the Beach volume from Beachwalk Press. It’s free.

Haven’t read the first volume yet?  You can get it free here.

Now here’s part five.

Beachfront Encounter

Tell him he did nothing wrong.

A tear rolled from her eyes and she wiped it roughly away. “Van told me you never believed we could read each other.”

His hand dropped from her back to the couch beside him. “No.”


“It was…” Peter looked past her shoulder. “Strange. He was strange.”

Stop this, Tess.

She sat up straight on his lap.

Tell him what you know, little sister.

Tessa sighed. “You were only born a minute and forty-two seconds before me.”

Peter jerked up at her words, but didn’t dislodge her. “He used to say things like that. Things that didn’t make any sense.”

I see Grandpa Eli.

Grandpa Eli? What did this mean? Her mother’s father died over ten years ago.

He’s waving to me, Tess.


“Is he talking to you now?”

Peter tapped her upper back, bringing her back to the old shack. “I think Van is leaving. He’s seeing my grandfather.”


Tell him, Tess.

She swallowed down her pain and overwhelming sadness. “It was late afternoon when Van and four other men went out on their last patrol.” Swallowing again. “They were checking out a rumor about some possible trouble. They deployed in the proper manner, but somehow Van got out of position.” A tear rolled from her eyes. “The man came from the shadow between two houses. Van… didn’t have a chance.”

“How do you know this, Tessa?”

Another tear rolled out of her eyes when she glanced toward him. “He shot the man but it was too late. He’d already activated the bomb. My brother’s leg…” She sank her head into his wide shoulder, pulling in his sharp, clean scent. “I woke up screaming with a pain so fierce I felt as if I would die. He’d opened up to me, and I felt everything. I felt him die.”

His arms went around her waist. “I should have been with them.”

No, his mother…

Her brother’s voice was a whisper now, like he was moving far away from her. Another type of sadness filled her heart, yet her eyes dried. She didn’t want him to go.

… was sick.

Phone call.

“Van said your mother was sick.” She closed her eyes for a second, then looked at Peter. She could barely hear his voice. “Something about a–”

“I was waiting to hear news about mom.” Disbelief darkened his eyes when he lifted her head from his shoulder and glared at her. “She’d been in an accident, and I needed to stay around the camp to find out if she was okay.”


Next Monday is the end of the story.

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