At the Beach — Beachfront Encounter Part 3

Here’s part three of my At the Beach micro-novel, Beachfront Encounter.  Ever week for a few weeks a few of the talented Beachwalk Press authors are writing free read stories and putting them up on their blogs.  When all of them are finished, our wonderful publishers is putting them all together in the second volume of At the Beach.

Haven’t read volume one yet? You can get it at the publisher site here.

If you want to read the first two part just click here and here.

Now here’s part three of Beachfront Encounter

“Stop what?”

“Your brother’s dead.” He moved out of the doorway and stopped an arm’s length from her. “So he couldn’t have just told you anything.”

“Yeah, but he did.”

Peter stiffened at her words. “Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound?”

Anger broke through her promise to her brother not to overreact. “Oh, you think I’m being ridiculous.”

* * * *

Her eyes flashed fire. Warm, intense, everything about this woman was hot. He’d known she would be this way. Since the death of her brother and the rest of his squad, he’d been uneasy about this meeting. He’d changed his mind about showing up more than a few times, for more than just the obvious reason. The last time was only a few hours ago.

“Oh, do you think so?”

Tessa’s soft voice brought him back to the old shack. “Van used to do that, too.”

She glared up at him. “Used to do what?”

“Talk to himself,” he said simply. No way did he ever believe the two of them could read each other’s minds. “He used to tell me all kinds of things about you.”

She stood silent in front of him for a moment, head tilted a bit to the left. Her lips lifted up at the edge as her eyes glistened. “I know what happened that day, and I also know what you plan on doing.”

The comment took him back. She couldn’t know anything about him, especially about his choice to never go back to his unit. He ignored that, and concentrating on the first part of her statement. “What day?”

A single tear escaped her eye. Without thinking, he reached out and wiped it away. A shock of need leaped into him as his finger caressed over her smooth, warm cheek. He knew what day she spoke of when the tears started to fall in a fluid rush over his fingers. He gathered her up tight in his arms, playing his damp fingers through her soft brown hair. She hiccupped once, causing her breasts to press hard into his chest. He pulled her firmer into him, sliding his hands down to her rounded bottom.

Suddenly he understood why Van had insisted he meet his sisters.

He’d known his sister would complete him.

* * * *

Tessa couldn’t believe she was standing on a public beach, crying like a baby while allowing a man she’d just met grab her ass and tightened it against his suddenly way-too-hard front. Those two old ladies in the lounge chairs were probably having joint heart attacks about now, and those teenagers were no doubt getting an eye full.

She needed to stop this now.

I knew the two of you would be right for each other.

Was her brother’s pain-in-the-ass ghost actually laughing? “Oh, be quiet.”

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