At the Beach — Beachfront Encounter 2

Got part two of my free read story, Beachfront Encounter, up today.

A few of my fellow Beachwalk Press authors are writing a micro-novel and posting them on their blogs. When the reads are finished our wonderful publishers is going to put them all together in one book, At the Beach, Vol. 2.  And give it away for free.

If you’d like to read the first At the Beach collection, click here.

Haven’t read part one of my story? Just click here.

And here’s part two —

Beachfront Encounter

Van’s disembodied voice sounded so loud she wondered why no one else on the beach heard it. Yet all the few people around her did was glance at her in a funny way, then step from her as if afraid they would catch whatever she had. Tessa had to laugh. People had always acted this way around her, even her tight-laced family who knew about her strange ability to read her brother’s thoughts acted like they didn’t want her around at times. They’d tolerated Van, though.

Why the hell was she thinking about her pain in the ass family anyway?

Go, Tess.

She sighed. “I’m going.”

Tessa ignored the group of smirking teenagers looking in her direction, ignored the two elderly ladies sitting in twin loungers near her with heads pressed together, and wandered toward the old building at the edge of the beach. Van had emailed her a few weeks before his death, telling her about the old fishermen’s shack. It belonged to his friend’s grandfather. He said it would be the perfect place for them to meet for the first time.

“You were right, Van,” she whispered. “It isn’t much to look at.”

“But it’s all mine.”

The deep male voice broke through her thoughts. Tessa turned and froze at the sight of a tall, solid man standing in the shadows of the doorway. She fought her breath as he moved out of the shadows.

Shit, he was way beyond fine.

“Hello, Tessa.”

Oh, shit, if her brother wasn’t already dead, Tessa would kill him. Even now her brother was messing with her. Sgt. Peter Green was everything she always wanted in a man. Dark hair, dark eyes, wide shoulders tapering into a trim waist down to firm long legs, he screamed hotness. She had an overwhelming urge to rub her hands over the tanned glimpses of his chest as his unbuttoned shirt flashed opened in the slight breeze.

Shit, she didn’t need this now. “I’m surprised you’re here.”

“Van wanted us to meet.”

Tessa tore her gaze off his half-naked upper body. “Yes.”

“You look just like him.

“We are twins.”

A sad grin lined his mouth. “You mean, were.”

“Yes.” His quiet words unraveled her. “Van emailed me a picture of you, in your uniform, but…”

“I’m never putting it back on.” Hard bitterness covered over his sadness. He jerked up straight and leaned into the screen door. “I’m done.”

She glanced at his deceptive stance. He may look relaxed but Tessa sensed his tension. “You’re getting out of the Army?”

He closed his eyes and shook his head. “I’m not going back.”

Two more years, Tess.

“Van just told me you’ve two–”

Peter flashed a look of disbelief at her. “Stop it, Tessa.”

To be continued next Monday.

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