Interview with Dawn, Rebel Ink Press

I’ve got an interview from Dawn, the acquisition editor with Rebel Ink Press.

Rebel Ink Press is a new publisher to me. Could you tell me a little bit about it? What do you think sets it apart from other publishers? What makes it different?

Rebel was the brainchild of five friends that wanted to make a difference in the e-world. We’ll be two years old this summer and the thing that most sets them apart from other small boutique presses is their level of service to their writers. They provide things that other small presses normally don’t such as advertising opportunities, group chats, and we send out for reviews. We believe in people first, stories second.

As the Acquisition/Editor with the publisher, is there one theme you’d like to see more of? Is there one type of story you aren’t interested in at this time?

I believe the market is ripe for picking insofar as historical romances. So, personally, I’d like to see more of that. Right now we’re not accepting anything that falls under the banner of pure erotica.

How hot do your books need to be? And what is the word count range? I know you don’t do erotica now, but do you have strictly male/female romances? Or are you willing to read a male/male romance?

We don’t have a minimum heat level each writer must achieve in order to be signed. Publishing everything from sweet to heat, we accept all gender matches as well as ménage. As far as word count, at present we accept all word counts and have no minimum or maximum, although we are constantly analyzing the market and adjust to suit.

Can you tell us how an interested writer can submit their manuscript? Is there a set way you’d like the manuscript formatted? Line spacing, margin, etc? How long does it usually take to make a decision on a submission? Do you ever give details in the email (or within the manuscript itself) on how the author can make their manuscript better?

All our submissions guidelines can be found at . And yes, we do have a set way we would like them to be formatted so please make sure to read carefully before submitting to us. Right now our turn-around on answers runs two to four weeks, and although we don’t make recommendations to everyone, at times we find a manuscript that is a diamond in the rough and make a few suggestions to the writer submitting.

What about the contract? Could you give us a few details about it?

We have a fairly standard contract comparable to other presses, more information can be found at our website.

And last, what’s up next at Rebel Ink Press? Do you have any special books planned? Series?

We have a pretty full calendar lined up for the rest of the year from some great writers. Right now we’re just holding open submissions calls as we’ve closed our anthology lines to by-invitation-only. For future special calls you can find information on our Facebook page, website, or through Twitter.

We’d like to say thanks for hosting us today. If you have questions, please leave them in the comments section or email us at . We’d be happy to answer them.

For more information about us, our writers and their works, or for submissions guidelines please find us at: . You can also follow us on Facebook, we’d love for you to find and follow us on Twitter @rebelinkpress and we just opened our YouTube channel at: .

Isn’t it time to get serious?

Here’s a trailer link telling more about the publisher:

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