Blog Barrage — Carly Fall

“Finding My Faith (The Six Savior Series, Book 2)”

by Carly Fall

Published by Westward Publishing

Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Romance

Carly is giving away an ecopy of Finding My Faith. All you need to do is leave a comment and your email. I’ll pick out a winner tomorrow.

Have fun.


Growing up in a small Northern Arizona town, Faith Cloudfoot’s life was spent playing in the forests surrounding her house under the protective eyes of her father, and learning about the legends of her Native American heritage. Yearning for more out of her life, she moves to Phoenix, Arizona at the age of twenty-three where she is kidnapped and almost killed.

Rayner has a special ability, one that weighs on him like a curse. He can see spirits trapped in between life and their final resting place. Because he can’t do much to help them, he studiously ignores them. He concentrates, instead, on working with his fellow warriors to right the wrongs caused by the evil criminals from his home planet.

When Rayner sees Faith in her spirit form while investigating a lead in Phoenix, his attraction to her is immediate, yet he follows his own personal code and ignores her cry for attention. When he realizes that she may be a stepping stone to getting him home to his own universe, he engages Faith and begins to use her as a means to an end: going home.

As the attraction grows stronger, Rayner finds himself breaking all sorts of self-set rules, as well as the code of ethics set by him and his fellow warriors. When Faith nears death, Rayner realizes that he must do everything in his power to save her, because if he doesn’t, he may just lose himself.


Faith stood on the sidewalk watching the five o’clock crowd hustle and bustle around her and through her.  She had a little inner war going on, and she wasn’t sure what to do about her predicament.

When she realized she was literally walking around outside of her body, she had panicked.  It seemed like the reasonable thing to do, given the circumstances.  She had tried to communicate with a few people today, but with no luck.

There were a couple of times she thought that maybe someone had felt her or even seen her.  There was one woman Faith had been certain she was connecting with—an older woman waiting for a bus.  Her gray hair looked like a halo as the sunlight filtered through it, and her heavy body was covered by an old green-and-brown dress.  Faith had stood in front if her and yelled, over and over.  Can you see me?  Please help me!  The woman stood still for a moment, her dark eyes wide in horror or shock, then she’d grabbed the cross she wore around her neck and began praying in Spanish.

Then there was that guy on the corner who she’d sworn had seen her.  He had stuck out in the crowd like a dead rat at a dinner table.  Among all the suits and skirts, he had towered over everyone, his shoulders the size of a small jet runway.  He was dressed in a pair of jeans, black leather boots and coat, and a black t-shirt that had Affliction blazed across the chest in red.  His blond hair hung to his chin in one length, and he had two gold hoops in his right ear.  He was wearing sunglasses, so she couldn’t see his all of his face, but she could tell he was definitely nice on the eyes.  He had stood at the corner looking at the street signs and the buildings as if he were lost.  As she had moved closer to him, she noticed he became more agitated.  When she stopped in front of him and he didn’t say or do anything, she kept moving.

Now she wondered if it was a good thing she couldn’t get anyone’s attention.

She was in unchartered territory here.  She supposed the first thing she needed to establish was if she was alive or dead.  Going by most religions, she wasn’t dead because she would be in some form of Heaven or Hell.  Even going by some of the Native American beliefs, she might have been reincarnated as some type of animal if she were dead.  She was not in Heaven or Hell, nor was she a cat, dog, rabbit, or any other animal.  She was standing on Second Street in downtown Phoenix.  However, if she held out her hand, she could see right through it.  She watched as a man approached her, and she stepped directly in his path. He walked through her, never missing a step.  So she wasn’t in her corporeal body.  If she wasn’t dead, if she wasn’t in her corporeal body, then she was somewhere in between life and death.



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There’s always something to worry about when reading the sequel to a book you love. If your expectations are high, you may worry about feeling let down if the second book in a series doesn’t live up to the first. As much as I loved book 1, I was hoping that Finding My Faith would capture me the same way. It did!

I loved Rayner and Faith. Faith was one of those headstrong heroines who is not stupid or annoying her independence, and Rayner was the perfect blend of alpha male and heart.

I appreciated that there wasn’t a huge info dump, much like what you would have to suffer through in most sequels. The same story of Rayner’s alien race was told, but this time from his point of view,
giving it a different angle and a new perspective. I loved how even though Rayner and Faith were from two different worlds, they were both so similar. Faith is Native American and Rayner is from the ‘forest
people’ of his planet…the two go together like opposite ends of an Oreo!

The love scenes were tender but also scorching hot! I liked how the sexual tension was allowed to build to an explosive level before ‘it’ finally happened. The chemistry between Rayner and Faith didn’t

I am really looking forward to book 3 in the series, just as much as I was looking forward to this one. Well done Carly!


I live in Arizona with my incredibly supportive husband, our son and our dog.  I love my family, hiking, writing, our pool, and wine, and depending on the day, not necessarily in that order.

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2 thoughts on “Blog Barrage — Carly Fall

  1. This book sounds amazing. Can’t wait to read it to see what happens between Rayner and Faith. Thanks for the chance to win.

    Joanne B

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