Interview with Jamie Lee Scott

What first got you interested in writing? What has kept you doing it?

I wrote a case study of an injured athlete when I was in college and my instructor submitted it to Physician and Sports Medicine magazine. That’s when I realized I was a good writer. I continued to write magazine articles because I love to do research. Anything I wanted to know more about I researched, then I wrote an article and queried magazines. I stopped writing for magazines a few years ago and started writing fiction. I still do a lot of research, but now I can make things up along the way. Great fun.

Do you have the support of your family and friends? Has that support always been there, or has it changed since being published?

My husband has always been a great support, and he’s always on board with my crazy life. We are currently writing a TV sitcom together. As for the rest of my family, they are thrilled. Now that I’ve been published, they are my biggest fans.

What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk? Strangest habit? Is there anything you have to do before you start writing?

I’m crazy about researching and outlining. I have pages of bios and plot details before I ever type the first word of the novel.

What advice would you give to a new writer?

Write every day, even when the last thing you want to do is write. And if you plan to self-publish, spend the money for an editor, it’ll be the best money you ever spend for your book.

What has been the biggest challenge of your career so far?

Getting over my fear of sharing. I was terrified to publish my novel for fear people would hate it. I was even afraid to send it off to the editor.

Has a reader ever complimented you on your writing? What was the best thing you ever heard, and who told it to you?

I’ve been lucky to have many compliments to boost me along in my writing career. The best compliments I get are when people talk about my characters as if they are real people.

Recently I had someone say that reading my novel was like having a conversation. I think that’s how I want my books to read, like I’m there, telling you the story.

What are you working on now? Could you give us a little taste?

Currently I’m working on book 3 of the Gotcha Detective Agency Mysteries, TEXTUAL RELATIONS; it’s about teens getting manipulated by crazies on the Internet.
I’m also writing a sitcom about a corporate couple who loses their jobs and end up in a small town, running a fast food restaurant. It’s called DEEP FRIED.

Tell us about your latest book.

LEY US PREY is about Mimi Capurro and her employees at the Gotcha Detective Agency. While working as a bodyguard for a NY Times bestselling author she’s reunited with an old flame, Nick Christianson, because the author’s assistant is murdered and she investigates the case on her own.

How can people find out more about you?

You can check me out at

Let Us Prey

Book 1, Gotcha Detective Agency Mysteries

By Jamie Lee Scott

Mimi Capurro has been hired to protect New York Times bestselling author, Lauren Silke, who was recently assaulted in the bathroom at a paranormal conference. Though Mimi is hired to act as bodyguard for Lauren’s upcoming book tour, plans change when Lauren’s assistant is murdered and the slaying is a replica of a scene from Lauren’s newest novel. A novel that hit bookstores the same day as the killing.

Now instead of playing bodyguard, Mimi is cracking computer code, and chasing down vampires. These vampires come alive on the streets of Santa Cruz, as part of a live-role-playing game. Mimi must find the connection between the vampires and the author to track down the killer. This would be much easier if Detective Nick Christianson wanted her investigating the case.

Nick, Mimi’s old college fling, is the lead homicide investigator.

Though he wants her off the case, he also wants to pump her for information. Nick may have used her in the past, but this time she’ll use him to try to catch the murderer first.

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Book Trailer:

About Jamie Lee Scott

Jamie was born on the Central Coast of California, where she spent her entire childhood entertaining.  She wrote plays and charged admission to her backyard stage so her friends and family could enjoy the performances.  She wrote her first novel at the age of 10, for her 5th grade class project. The novel was called Cindy.

Busy with horses and school, Jamie rarely wrote through her teens and twenties, she was living a life most dreamed of (well, she dreamed of anyway), competing at barrel races, hanging out with cowboys, and traveling in rodeo circles with her friends. Money was tight, but life was good.  Then Jamie met the man of her dreams. And low and behold he was not a cowboy, but a farm boy. They married and he swept her away to her little piece of heaven in Iowa.

Well, then Iowa didn’t turn out to be such heaven, Jamie again turned to fiction. This time she wrote to relieve the stress of living so far from her family, and from running a business with her husband. Funny how she now found it cathartic to kill people, only on paper of course.

Before she finished her first full length novel, Jamie was contracted to write the book, Hiking Iowa for Falcon publishing. In a year, she hiked 75 trails in the state of Iowa and mapped the trails, landmarks and  distances. And this was before GPS. It was tough work for the measly advance, but it was a writing credit.  So now, Jamie writes the mystery series featuring the Gotcha Detective Agency.

Jamie has written three novels, Let Us Prey, the soon to be released Death of a Sales Rep, and Give a Dog a Bone. She is currently writing screenplays.  She is co-founder of Scriptchat on Twitter & TWWriterChat, and is the former president of RWA’s screenwriting chapter, Script Scene.

Jamie still lives in Iowa (though she visits California as often as possible) with her husband, 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 horses. She writes with a few from her 6 acre farm.!/jamie_ld


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