KIss of Death Tour — Romantic Suspense: A genre of thrills

Romantic Suspense: A genre of thrills

by J . Willett

ROMANCE – emotionally optimistic ending

OBSERVE – examine the evidence

MEN – Heroes

ANTICIPATION – the thrill of the hunt

NOTICE – look for connections and clues

THRILL – a roller coaster of adventure

INTEREST – a romance that connects

COPS – law enforcement on the move

SINFUL – a villainous escapade

URBAN – location, location, location

SASSY – romance on the run

PARANORMAL – mystical things

EXHILARATION – take a breath

NIGHT – when all goes wrong

SUPENSEFUL – hang on to your seat

EXCITEMENT – the race to the end

Do I have your attention? Romantic suspense is a genre full of all of that and more. What’s not to love about a story that carries you away from everyday life into a world of excitement, murder, mystery and suspense? It provides a glimpse into fields of study and areas of expertise, teaching every reader along the way. From psychology, criminals, drugs, money, terrorism, and politics to forensics, dogs, fire and guns, characters live lives full of adventure. They fill rolls in everything from firemen to lawyers, from cops to spies, from florists to moms. Within the words is something for every reader who thrives on living on the edge through fiction.

Murder, mystery, mayhem and James Bond all rolled into the pages of a romantic suspense make an escape inevitable. With an emotionally optimistic ending for the romance and a satisfying conclusion for the suspense, the reader is taken on a thrilling ride with the characters, knowing as the end draws near they will be satisfied and ready for another adventure. What’s not to love about romantic suspense?

J. is one of the many talented authors who belong to the Romance Writers of America’s Kiss of Death chapter. At Kiss of Death we believe that every great romance should include suspense. Whether a spy thriller in Regency times, a paranormal romance with a revenge-seeking zombie, or a traditional serial killer after the heroine, romance relies on suspense, leading the reader through the trials of the heroine and hero to see if they will get their happily ever after ending. If you can call your writing suspenseful, then the Kiss of Death has something for you! Find out more and join at and follow us on Twitter at @RWAKissofDeath.

So, how does that interest you? Maybe winning a print copy of Allison’s book, Love Me To Death, would interest you even more? (Sorry, US only.) All  you’d need to do is answer one simple question, and I may pick you to get it. (Please don’t forget to leave an email address.)

Here’s the question — What is your favorite thing about romantic suspense?

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Love Me To Death

By Allison Brennan

“Grabbing the reader by the throat from almost the first page, this pulse-ratcheting romantic suspense from Brennan (Original Sin) delivers intense action, multifaceted characters, and a truly creepy bad guy. FBI hopeful Lucy Kincaid is trying to heal from a brutal attack six years earlier. She volunteers at a program dedicated to luring and rearresting repeat sex offenders via the Internet, but then discovers a horrifying connection between her work and the execution-style murders of the parolees. PI Sean Rogan, a friend of Lucy’s brothers, becomes focused on protecting her at any cost, and their mutual passion flares. As Lucy draws closer to the truth, effective red herrings litter the way and throw her deeper into confusion. Also confusing are a too large cast and intricate backstory from the previous related titles, the only things marring this fast-paced, engrossing read.” – Publisher’s Weekly

13 thoughts on “KIss of Death Tour — Romantic Suspense: A genre of thrills

  1. Really fun way to describe the awesomeness that is romantic suspense. I bow to all the authors who pull of this genre successfully — it’s a talent and a half that benefits all of us who love it. Thanks J. for a great post!

  2. Great post, J!

    Hitchcock understood the power of romantic suspense. He certainly nailed the emotionally optimistic ending in “North by Northwest,” the epitome of the genre in movies, taking us through most of the beats you’ve laid out here along the way. I mean, what’s not to like?

  3. What a great post, Jean! I love the way you describe RS and it is so true. That’s why we love to read it. The thrill. That adventure. And, naturally, the romance. Just awesome!

  4. Great post, J! You’ve reminded us just how many things there are to love about romantic suspense. But…but… then we have to pick just one? How’s a girl to choose? But okay, I’ll go with ‘everyone gets what they deserve’ — the bad guy gets caught, the hero and heroine get their happy ever after. For a brief moment, all is right with the world.

  5. How excellent! I am fairly new to romantic suspense, as I’m a dreadful coward. But I did love Donnell’s The Past Came Hunting, and I’ve read Allison Brennan’s paranormal series with relish. My favorite part of RS? No matter how stressed I am over their situation, I know they’ll get their happy ever after. 🙂

  6. Awesome post, J! Great way to break RS down to the nitty-gritty.

    My favorite part of RS is when the bad guy isn’t the REAL bad guy. Love that shock and surprise when you think you’ve got it all figured out only to find out you’re wrong.

    (Not that that happens to me a lot. LOL!)

  7. Great Post, Jean!!

    I love the challenge of determining the mystery or problem. How are the hero and heroine going to end up together amidst all the danger.

    Love being on the edge of my seat with lots of action & adventure.

  8. Romantic suspense has built-in conflict on so many levels so the plot moves forward quickly and doesn’t have any lag. If it’s done right, that is. 🙂
    Great blog, Jean!

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