New Cover

First peek of the cover of The Dressmaker’s Dilemma,  book 2 in the Winter Creek, Montana series with Beachwalk Press. I’m still doing the edits on the book and haven’t been given the release date yet.

I’ll keep you posted.

So love this one.

An unedited blurb of The Dressmaker’s Dilemma

Ghosts are not the main thing causing Barb Grant’s trouble. She can handle the bothersome dressmaker’s spirit just fine, thank you.

She can even put up with the added work forced on her by the Winter Creek Historical Area.

And the pre-teen girl who suddenly decides she would make a good substitute mother.

Yet the ghost from her own past the girl brings to mind isn’t so easily dismissed.

Or the girl’s father.

Wyatt Campbell has been the bane of her existent since their first meeting. No matter what she did or said, he’s wanted to get pass the friendship stage.

All he wants to do is talk.

But Barb wants so much more.

Until one day he stops talking to her.

And the rumors about him start flying.

Could they possible be true?

Could a man, capable of pissing her off one second only to have her wanting to rip his clothes off the next, truly be a horrible lover?

Barb doesn’t want to believe it, yet she needs to know if the rumors are true.

And that is the only reason she says yes to his date request.

She would have sex with him and then say good-bye.

Unfortunately Wyatt has other plans.

For him, it has more to do with love.

And he plans on making her completely his.

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