Interview with Avery Flynn

I’d like to welcome Avery Flynn to my blog today.  She was kind enough to answers a few questions as a part of her Bewitching Book Tour. If you’d like to find out more about her — or her book, A Dry Creek Bed — go to

Now let’s get to Avery —

Thank you so much for having me over at your place today!

(You’re welcome.)

What are you wearing right now and how does it mesh with your personal sense of style?

It’s freezing cold today so I’m all about the layers. I have black leggings, a gray turtleneck, a white T-shirt and a thick gray sweater. What does the outfit say about me? Well, that cookie season just ended and I need stretchy pants. Sure, I could have lied and said I’m all about comfort and practicality – but I’m still wearing black knee-high boots with three inch heels, so you know that’s a lie. The truth is I’m all about chocolate. 🙂

What excites you most about the genre in which you write?

Steamy romantic suspense is a thrill ride for the heart, the mind and the body – who wouldn’t love writing that? I love that the stakes are so high and then there’s a twist that raises them even more. It’s a heart-pounding adventure – and shouldn’t that be the case when it comes to falling in love?

How is your current hero an echo of the people in your life?

I don’t know if Hank Layton in A Dry Creek Bed is an echo of any particular person in my life. Perhaps he encompasses some of the great qualities of people I’ve known in that he’s loyal, funny and hot as hell. Hank was the star quarterback at the University of Nebraska, which in that state pretty much makes you a god among men but he never let that spoil him.

Who is your favorite heroine that you’ve written?

You know I really loved Claire from Up a Dry Creek was a ton of fun to write, but Beth Martinez from A Dry Creek Bed really got to me. The secret she’s hiding is really tearing her up inside and then she has to deal with a developer trying to force her to sell her grandparents’ house and sever the last tie she has to her family. When she decides to stand up to the developer it’s not because she’s a brash, in-you-face type of person, it’s because she really believes it’s the right thing to do.

Tell us a little about A Dry Creek Bed.

Gladly! Dry Creek County Sheriff Hank Layton is the stuff of dreams. Nasty, steamy, delicious fantasies that leave Beth Martinez weak-kneed and desperately wanting the man she can never have.

Hank can’t stop thinking about Beth to the point where he’s afraid of becoming permanently bowlegged. And even though the sexual tension between them is thick enough to trip over, she runs every time he chases.

But when a mysterious developer forces her neighbors off their land, Beth becomes the one person standing between the scoundrel and millions of dollars. Only Hank can help her uncover the truth. Together they risk their lives exposing decades-old secrets and learn that everything is not as it seems in their rural Nebraska town.

A Dry Creek Bed Excerpt – The Kiss

She stopped with her back to him. “One kiss?”

“One little kiss.”

A fall breeze brushed the tips of her mahogany hair across her back and she straightened her shoulders. Spinning around, she made her way back to him with a fuck-you strut. Stopping just short of his feet, she dropped her gym bag. It hit the pavement with a thud, the whole world seeming to have gone silent around them.

“Let’s get it over with.”

Something primal inside of him howled its approval. He wanted to devour her full lips then and there.

Stick to the plan, dude.

He held firm. Barely. “OK, you can kiss me.”

“Wait a minute -”

“You’re the one who says there’s nothing between us, so I figure you should set the tone of the kiss. It’s up to you to disprove my theory.”

“Of all the stupid things.” She huffed out a breath. “Fine.”

Hank held his breath, hoping all his bluster would pay off. God, this woman undid him.

She laid her soft hand against his chest. There was no way she could miss the hammering behind his ribs. Navy blue nails shone bright against the red of his cotton shirt. Her shoulders twitched with a shiver. A flicker of doubt shook him. Maybe she’d ignored him after the party for a reason.

Then her lips touched his. Chocolate and caramel coffee teased his taste buds as their tongues twisted around each other.

His hands roamed to the bottom of her soft, wool sweater, snuck underneath the hem and caressed the soft skin above the low waist of her jeans.

Her vanilla perfume surrounded him as he lowered his mouth to taste the sweetness of her neck. He lost himself to the hungry lust streaming through his veins and the moaning woman in his arms. There was no street, no gawking neighbors, no one else in the world.

“Hank, stop.” Beth’s breath brushed against his cheek.

More plea than demand, her words sliced through his euphoria. Unwilling to let her go yet, he lifted his head but kept his fingers tucked into her waistband. Still tasting her on his lips, he couldn’t form any words.

A flush pinked her cheeks as she pursed her kiss-swollen lips. “So … that’s … out of the way.”

Her hand shook when she patted him on the chest, her fingers lingering for a few seconds over his pounding heart. With a sigh she pulled out of his embrace and trudged up to the house, never looking back.

She thought this was over? After a kiss like that? His balls couldn’t be any bluer if they were made of blueberries. For a smart woman, she sure wasn’t thinking straight.

And more about the author —

Avery Flynn, the author of UP A DRY CREEK and A Dry Creek Bed, books one and two in the Dry Creek series set in Nebraska, grew up in a small town in the western part of that state, a far cry from her present day home just outside of Washington, D.C. It was no accident that she went back to her roots for the small town setting for her romantic suspense.

“When I graduated high school,” she says, “I couldn’t cross the state line fast enough.  The older I got and the farther I moved away, the more I realized what a wonderful place Nebraska had been to live.  I swore I’d set a novel there as a way to give people a look into the amazing folks that live in my home state.”

The name Avery Flynn is a pseudonym for the author who, at least for now, prefers to remain behind the scenes.  She believes having Avery as her alter ego is a very good thing because, as she says, “Pen name Avery is way cooler than me. Her favorite color is hot pink. She drinks single malt scotch on the rocks. She loves the Argentinean tango and stays at Iceland’s Ice Hotel.”

Author Avery has been writing since she was a child and her father gave her a baby blue Brother typewriter. She couldn’t read but nonetheless wrote numerous stories about her stuffed animals in gibberish. She hasn’t stopped since, though she maintains that her spelling has gotten much better and she now prefers to write in English.

Today she’s enjoying her own happily ever after with her dashing husband, three crazy kids and two arthritic dogs.  She dreams of one day having a floor-to-ceiling library à la Beauty and the Beast and is working to perfect the coffee IV drip.

Twitter: @averyflynn



2 thoughts on “Interview with Avery Flynn

  1. Avery! Great post. Nice to learn a little bit about you.

    I love your books and I’ll bet you’re fun no matter what name you write under. The suspense and romance in the Dry Creek Series is peppered with just the right amout of humor. Good luck and many sales!

  2. Awwww, thanks Jerrie! The folks in Dry Creek are so much fun to write about that they practically seem real to me. Shhhh don’t tell the hubby, I’ll get the arched are-you-crazy eyebrow.

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