Interview with T. Lynne Tolles

T. Lynne Tolles is a guest on my blog again today. She’s answered a few more question for me. Good news, if you leave a comment and your email, you’ll have a chance to win an ecopy of Deadman’s Blood, the final book in her Blood series.

She’s also has an end of tour giveaway. Just go to the link below to find out how to enter into the giveaway.

The next stop on her tour is at Harlie’s Books.

Let’s find out what T. Lynne has to say —

Do you travel while researching a book? If so where’s the most interesting place you’ve ever been?

I don’t travel for research, but I do use past travels in my writing. For example our family trip to Scotland played a big role in the make up of Somber Island and after our recent trip to Alaska, I would like to do a book based there too.

What would you say is your strongest part of writing? Your weakest?

I like to think my strongest area in writing would be dialog and making sure that the conversations are plausible and real. My weakest area is probably description.  I like to set up a scene with a mood more than description and let the readers mind take over where I step back, but sometimes I don’t think I describe enough. When you read a classic, they seem to paint you a portrait, I see myself as more of a stick figure kind a gal at present.

Have you ever cried during a movie? While reading a book? Tell us about it.

I cry during commercials if the mood strikes me, so Yes..definitely. I even find myself crying while I’m writing a sad scene. I cried like a baby when Marley died in Marley and me.

What books/ author have influenced you the most?

Well I grew up reading Stephan King and Anne Rice so the genre was probably predetermined there. When I decided to do some writing I knew I wanted humor integrated into it and love the way Jim Butcher and Ellen Schreiber do this so well. It was a post I read that Ellen Schreiber wrote to someone that actually gave me the idea to try writing and I owe her and big “Thank You” for the push. Maybe one day I’ll actually get to meet her in person and tell her that.

If you could see into the future, what would you like to know?

Oh! That’s a bit scary because I may not like the answer I get. I guess I’d like to see that my kids are happy in their lives and that I didn’t do a horrible job guiding them along. We don’t get a manual when we have children and every child is different so all you can do is try and hope you made the right decisions.

We all find ways to procrastinate, what are some of yours?

When I was younger I almost never procrastinated. Oh I drug my feet if I didn’t want to do something, but my philosophy was do it fast and get it over with. However when you’ve been with the world’s greatest procrastinator for over twenty years, it can rub off on you.  So now I find I’m more easily distracted from what I’m supposed to be doing, like playing a game when I should be writing, or writing when I should be cleaning – that kind of thing.

You can read more about Deadman’s Blood by clicking on the author’s website.

And again, go to Harlie’s Books tomorrow to read more


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