Review of T. Lynne Tolles’ Deadman’s Blood

I reviewed the last book in T. Lynne’s Blood series below. If the book sounds good to you, leave a comment here and you may win a copy of it.  On top of a chance to win a ebook, T. Lynne also has an end of tour giveaway.  Here’s the link for the end of tour giveaway

Here’s her next stop in her blog tour with CBLS.  Tomorrow she’ll be at Release  Notes.

Now here’s  my review —

As the dust settles from the destruction of the Bloodstone Heart, a small scroll that had been hidden in the hearth of the altar room for hundreds of years, reveals a prophecy that seems to be about the Larsen family. While the group tries to unravel the riddles of the prophecy they also start to notice they’ve acquired some interesting new powers from the Bloodstone itself, some of which are going to take some getting use to.

Darby and Devon head to Ireland to set up house and get ready for their impending nuptials when Darby is asked to help cure the Summer Queen of the Everworld or the delicate balance of power between the Seelie and Unseelie courts will topple throwing the planet into a deadly ice age.

While at home, things take a turn for the worse when there’s a tragic airplane crash, the Larsen vampires start dropping like flies, Bernard goes missing, and all the bad deeds dealt seem to point towards one person – the Dark Angel. What’s so important about the altar room? Why are people dying in the name of this prophecy? Will the Larsen’s survive these new tragedies? These questions and other deep seated secrets will be revealed in this final installment of the Blood Series.

Deadman’s Blood is the final book of the Blood series. I’ve read and enjoyed the last three books and I plan on reading the first two when I can find the time. Even though these are meant for young adults, I truly liked reading the stories for the most part.

I especially loved how everything was put together. I loved the stuff about the Ancient Ones. The final battle scene with the entire group was very exciting and well-written. It was a satisfying conclusion for the series.

However, I wish it was clearer who the main story characters were in the book. I would’ve liked to follow one couples’ story throughout the book. To me it didn’t seem like there was a focused story line. Another thing I didn’t really like was the stuff happening in Ireland. I thought that was unnecessary. (To be truthful, I was hoping when Darby and Devon went overseas we wouldn’t hear from them again until the end of the book.) I also was disappointed that I didn’t get to read more about Anton and Julianna. I would love to know how they managed to get together finally.  I liked Anton, and I’d love to see him happy to. He suffered so much in the earlier books after all. He deserves a happy ending.

A couple scenes in the book slowed down the story, especially when the author was reintroducing the main characters and the ending wedding seemed to last forever. Yet none of these really stopped me from truly enjoying the story.

And I will admit I actually cried when Josh’s adopted parent’s died in the plane crash. (That was some good writing.)

Overall, I loved the conclusion of the Blood series. It was sad for me to say good-bye.

I give it 4 stars.

You can read more about it by clicking on the author’s website.

And again,

Here’s her next stop in her blog tour with CBLS.  Tomorrow she’ll be at Release  Notes.


2 thoughts on “Review of T. Lynne Tolles’ Deadman’s Blood

  1. Theresa…
    Thanks for hosting this stop on the tour and thank you for taking the time to read and review Deadman’s Blood. I appreciate your comments and feedback.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing with us today. I have to admit I am a bit of a cover maven and this one caught my eye right away and the entire Blood series is on my wishlist. I am not greedy or anything, I just love good books ad sharing about them and can never get enough. I have also had my eye on Somber Island, which also sounds fantastic. Have you read that title by T. Lynne Tolles? I would love to know what you thought. Oh! I forgot this was a giveaway opportunity as well, got so caught up in sharing about the books LOL I also send my appreciation for your participation in the tour and for the giveaway opportunity!


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