Interview with T. Lynne Tolles

Forgive me, T. Lynne for not getting your interview and giveaway up before now. I have no excuse. You can find the next stop on her tour after the interview.


Check out T. Lynne’s interview below —

What comes first, plot or character?

Sometimes plot, sometime character. It’s different each time I write. To an educated writer that is probably a bad way to be, but I find it is like painting/drawing a picture. It’s an artistic output and should flow easily and give satisfaction to its creator. If it is forced or pushed into some conformity, it will read like its been forced – at least this is how it works for me.

How do you develop your plot and character? Pantser or plotter? Or somewhere in between?

Often a plot is brought together in a dream.  A lot of my writing is formed in that pre-sleep mode when my mind is at its most relaxed. Other times I will outline the direction I want to go, but let the character conversations do some leading of their own.  Initially when I started Blood of a Werewolf there was no werewolf in it. That evolved and was born during a character conversation as a possibility and I took it ran with it.

How do you pick titles and character names? Once you pick the names, how hard is it to change them?

Titles come along later in the writing process for me, but names are rather random.  My daughter came up with Dominic’s name and it was a fun way to let her be involved. I can’t imagine changing the name of a main character very easily, but minor characters are not hard. For example in Blood of Werewolf, the bad guys original name was Thomas Paine, but it was suggested by a Beta Reader that since there was a Thomas Paine that signed the Declaration of Independence, I should change his name – hence the name Terrence Paine

Did you have any other careers before you started writing? Do you write full-time or do you have a ‘dreaded’ day job?

I’ve had many jobs in my lifetime. I worked on a production line, as a receptionist, a coordinator, an engineering secretary and I owned my own web business for several years. Presently I work at home part-time for my husband’s company as their bookkeeper and that allows me to be at home for my teenager and write on the side.

Do you have an ebook reader? Which one? Do you prefer the reader or books?

I have the kindle program on my laptop, and bought my mom a kindle for Christmas last year. I prefer to read a physical book, but after playing with my mom’s Kindle and setting it up for her, I definitely see the benefits and might invest in one in the future.

If you could wish for three things, what would they be?

  1. I wish this war we are in to be over so that our sons and daughters can come home (I have a son presently in the Navy).
  2. I wish that in some small way, my writing might bring some brief distraction/relief/exit from someone’s less-than-happy life.
  3. I wish everyone a good hearty belly laugh with snorting and tears…its good for the soul

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