Bewitching Book Tours — E. B. Walters

I want to welcome Ednah Walters to my blog today as part of her Bewitching Book Tour.  She’s a YA author who also writes erotic romance using the name E. B. Walters.  I had the chance to read and review her latest book, Mine until Dawn, the second in her Fitzgerald Family series. I enjoyed it, and am looking forward to reading the first one. Slow Burn.

Ednah is giving away a .pdf copy of Mine until Dawn to one lucky commenter.  (Actually she’s giving one away on each of the blogs on her tour.) So why not leave a comment here. You can follow her entire tour by clicking on Bewitching Book Tours.

She’s also having a big tour finale giveaway at her blog.

Here are the details:
Contest begins September 1st and ends on the 21st.
The finale is happening at Ednah’s blog, where you will win goodies.
3 winners will be chosen at random at the end of the tour.
Winners will be announced on 22nd.
Winners will get:
1. A signed copy of Mine Until Dawn (print)
2. Slow Burn tote bag
3. Slow Burn mousepad
4. Slow Burn Bookmarks.
Contest is International
1. You must comment  on the participating blogs first
2. Tweet about the post on participating blogs
3. Follow Ednah’s blog when you get there.
4. Leave Ednah a comment on her blog at

Now,  a review of ‘Mine until Dawn’
She’s armed with a new attitude and a kick-ass wardrobe….
By age twenty-eight, art historian Jade Fitzgerald has had a marriage from hell and an equally nasty divorce, worked hard to control her weight and her arrhythmia. The last thing she needs is another man messing with her head or shooting her heartbeat off course. That is exactly what she gets when an aloof and mysterious stranger storms into her life.

He’s cynical and don’t take crap from anyone….

Former investigative reporter Vince Knight is on a quest to recover a priceless, ancient Mayan artifact, which he believes Jade’s mother stole. He’s skilled at gathering information while remaining emotionally detached, until he meets Jade. The voluptuous woman stirs in him a hunger he hasn’t felt in a long time and a protectiveness he can’t explain.

Neither of them expects passion to flare so fast or danger to dodge their footsteps. To defeat a ruthless art collector with a twisted agenda, Jade and Vince must learn to trust each other and embrace their growing feelings.

Until, an insane man plots to add Jade to his collection of beautiful and rare things.

I’d admit I thought I would like this book better. The story is awesome and the writing was easy to read. (I did find a few things wrong, but it didn’t really distract me from the story.) I was intrigued by the plot almost from the beginning. What is this statue? Why is it so important someone would kill to get it? More importantly, what did the heroine’s mother have to do with it? Did she steal it from the hero’s father to place in her collections? Jade adamantly defends her mother, but Vince isn’t so sure.
I wanted her mother to be safe.
Yes, I enjoyed reading the story. Yet I would have enjoyed it so much better if the heroine wasn’t so passive and unsure of herself. Jade seemed so self-assured and strong at some points only to turn into a weak, helpless woman. Sometimes she acted way younger than her age (28) and at other times she lacked commonsense.
And the hero, at times, acted a bit younger than his age. (I think he should’ve forgiven his father years ago.)  Other than that I liked the hero.
Sometimes the motivation for both of their actions/reactions weren’t strong enough. I found myself shaking my head in a few places.
For these reasons, I can’t give this book a 5 rating. But a 4 rating isn’t bad, is it?
Although, I found things wrong this book, I would recommend it. I truly did enjoy reading it.
I think I’m going to read’ Slow Burn’ now.

About Ednah Walters:

I grew up reading Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys mysteries, before I graduated to Mills & Boons (starting with Janet Daily’s Shutter the Sky) and the rest is history.I enjoy good love stories, tingly mysteries and wondrous adventures. When I finished college and decided to be a stay-at-home mother, I devoured books like they were going out of production, until reading just wasn’t enough. So I started to write.I’ve written picture books, contemporary and romantic suspense, biracial/multicultural books, and finally YA fantasy. AWAKENED is the first YA book in The Guardian Legacy series. It was released in September 2010. BETRAYED, book 2 in the series, will be out August 1st 2011. In my adult romance series, SLOW BURN, book 1 of the Fitzgeralds, was out May 1st 2011, MINE UNIL DAWN is due mid July. Book 3, KISS ME CRAZY, a contemporary romance, is with my editor. I’m presently working on book 4, Faith Fitzgerald’s story and book 3 of my YA Guardian Legacy series.When I’m not writing, I do things with my family, five children or my darling husband of 19 years. I live in a picturesque valley in Utah, the setting for my YA series.


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