CBLS Promotions — T. Lynne Tolles

T. Lynne Tolles was gracious enough to allow me to read and review her new book, Blood Lust, Book 3 in her Blood series, as part of her CBLS Promotions virtual blog tour. She’s also giving away one ebook copy of her story to a lucky commenter.

Good news! The author is also having an end-of-tour special giveaway on her blog.  A picture of her gift is to the left. Check out the link —


Tomorrow T. Lynne will be at Romance Lives Forever



Here’s my review of Blood Lust

A surprise visit from Blake and Devon’s uncle, Dominic, demanding both vampires, come home immediately to find what is ailing his son Anton, puts everyone on edge. Can vampires get sick?

Devon doesn’t appreciate Dominic’s demands, but agrees to fly back to Connecticut with Darby, since Blake has a job to finish up in California. Excited to meet more of Devon’s family, Darby is confused by Devon’s distance and coldness since Dominic’s visit. In Connecticut, this only gets worse when a gorgeous Libby, Anton’s estranged wife, shows up unexpectedly and seems to have her sights set on Devon. To top it all off, there’s seems to be some pent up animosity, Anton and Devon have towards each other.

What is this strange power Libby has over the men in this family? And what’s wrong with poor Anton? Why does it seem that Anton and Devon hate each other? These are all question Darby sets out to answer in this third volume of the Blood Series.

Okay, to be honest, I didn’t think I would like this book. It is meant for young adults and it’s a paranormal filled with witches, vampires and werewolves. I’m decades from being considered young and I don’t usually read this genre, yet I can truthfully say I enjoyed reading Blood Lust.

However, I did find many problems within the book that a good editor would be able to fix. Repeated and unnecessary words, confusing sentences, the misuse of the comma,  and passive writing. (The word ‘well’ was used way too often.) I also noticed illogical things like the vampires not knowing about other vampires that could control their minds (Libby), people changing witho a good reason (Uncle Dominic) and believing in something paranormal before actually witnessing it (Mark).  Libby was an evil being, yet she came off as a carcicature and Darby was so passive I wanted to shake her. (Thankfully she got it together after Devon disappeared.) I’m thinking some of these things are because the story is meant for a younger person, but still good writing is good writing.

Sounds like I lied when I said I liked the book, but I didn’t. I truly enjoyed reading Blood Lust.  Yes, I noticed the problems in the writing and the story itself, but it didn’t distract me from the actual story.  However, I couldn’t give it a higher rating than a three out of five because of those fixable problems.

A part of reading is to get away from your real life for a while, to push the day-to-day problems of your life away, Blood Lust did  this for me. It was a guilty pleasure.




4 thoughts on “CBLS Promotions — T. Lynne Tolles

  1. Theresa…Thanks for hosting this stop on the tour. It’s been an honor to meet fans and such dedicated bloggers.

    I’m sorry for the editing problems you found. You received a copy that was more like an ARC. My editor finished up with her mark ups the day before the tour started and I have since updated anything a customer might buy or win with a much cleaner copy.

    I thank you for taking the time to read and review Blood Lust despite its previous downfalls.

    Best wishes

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