Six Sentence Sunday

I just signed up for Six Sentence Sunday. Now I’m scheduling my six sentences onto my blog so I won’t forget like last week.

This is from my first paranormal release, Forgotten Memories, out August 15 at Beachwalk Press.

If you’d like to read more great little snippet, please stop by Six Sentence Sunday. All kinds of different authors and types of stories, you’re bound to find a few new ones.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.


Jen, he thought. According to the sign hanging on the wall directly behind the younger man’s clean desk, Jennifer Ferguson was the history expert on the town’s original time period. Two other names joined with hers—William Longstreet, an accountant, and Jack Phillips, a historical constructionist.

Adam could only imagine what this woman looked like. Probably an old crone who knows the history of the town because she used to live in it, he thought with a tight grin.

“Mr. Craine?”

Oh, hopefully this added extra will be okay here, Beachwalk Press is actively looking for submissions. So if you have anything floating around in your hard drive, why not send it? It’s a new press, yes, but I’ve had a wonderful experience with them so far.


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