Guest Blogger — Lucianne Rivers

Hi, I’d like to introduce Lucianne Rivers today. She’s writes for both  Cobblestone Press and Entangled Publishing. Her latest release, Hold Me, is the out now at Entangled Publishing.

I’ve added this book to my TBB list. If you’d like to buy it, you can find the links at the end of the blog post.

Now let’s get to Lucianne’s interview.

What first got you interested in writing? What has kept you doing it?

As a teenager, I wrote for two Irish National Television shows for young people. After the birth of my baby girl twenty months ago, I took a screenwriting class, penned a feature that placed in the top ten of a Hollywood contest, turned the book into a novel, and my interest blossomed from there. In February of this year I received three contract offers spanning four projects.

Do you have the support of your family and friends? Has that support always been there, or has it changed since being published?

Well, nobody in my family has ever discouraged me. I don’t have any romance fans in my immediate circle, however.

What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk? Strangest habit? Is there anything you have to do before you start writing?

Quirk? Hmmmm. I have to have complete silence when I write, but that’s about as quirky as it gets I’m afraid!

What advice would you give to a new writer?

Join and take their writing classes. Then, when you’ve mastered the craft and had at least four people (writers/editors) critique your work, avail of their many pitch sessions with publishers

What has been the biggest challenge of your career so far?

Going through a marital separation while trying to edit three novellas back to back.

Has a reader ever complimented you on your writing? What was the best thing you ever heard, and who told it to you?

That I was born to write this kind of book! Steamy! This from a dear friend who’d never read anything I’d written.

What are you working on now? Could you give us a little taste?

I’m plotting my next novel, a paranormal romance/urban fantasy set in the USA (United States of Asgardia) where gods, Valkyries and wraiths comingle and war in a virulent drug and underground culture.

Tell us about your latest book.

HOLD ME is the first in a series of three novellas, HOLD ME, THRILL ME, KISS ME KILL ME in which three sisters from New Mexico search for their long lost, and presumed dead, father Zach. Following instructions outlined their late mother’s will each sister goes to foreign country in search of their dad, finding love and danger on the way.

And just for Lucianne, says on your website you were an actress, does that in any way help you in your writing?

That’s an interesting question. As an actress I had to embody different personalities and levels of emotion that were not necessarily my own. I think I have an ability to empathize with a variety of characters in life, real and imagined, and perhaps this helps me to step into someone’s point of view, especially the male point of view. Although, I don’t believe I’ve mastered that one yet!!!

How can people find out more about you?

The best way is to browse through my website, All my social media links and blog posts are there.

Here’s a blurb and buy links for you

Still reeling from her mother’s death, news anchor Jane Caldwell’s life is upended further when she learns the father she lost twenty years ago is still alive. Her mother’s will unleashes a manhunt—the Caldwell sisters must find their father, or their mother’s estate will not be settled, and their questions about his disappearance will remain unanswered.

Jane’s search leads her to Guatemala to investigate a man who claims to be her father and heir to the family fortune. Needing a translator, she enlists enigmatic Harrison DeNeuve, a sexy ex-patriot with a penchant for wearing dark sunglasses in public.

As Jane struggles to reunite with her would-be father, Harrison fights to suppress his desire for Jane. He has a secret—one he’s sequestered himself in a third-world jungle hideaway to keep safe—and falling for Jane puts more than his heart at risk.

Jane finds two men in Guatemala—a father and a lover—but can she trust either of them?


One thought on “Guest Blogger — Lucianne Rivers

  1. Hi Lucianne –

    I’d love to read the one set in the United States of Asgardia – what a great idea. Savvy Authors does have some amazing opportunities to pitch to agents and editors! Keep writing and best of luck with Hold Me and your other stories.

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