First Kiss

No, not mine.

Here’s the first kiss from my very first released romance, One and the Same, with The Wild Rose Press. If  you’d like to read more,  click The Wild Rose Press or Kindle. (This is my one and only print release. ) I have an idea for another story using some of these characters.

Hope you enjoy it.


The heat of the late evening sun warmed the bare skin of her exposed back and slightly tanned legs, laid hot against the top of her head in a sensuous way.

“This was nice, Matt.” Trying to pull her hand from his grip at the door of his car, she turned to face him. “I can’t get in the car if you won’t let go of my hand.”

“You’re going to the Chamber of Commerce dinner with me, right?”

“Matt, I already….”

“No.” Pulling their connected hands behind his back, Kate stepped easily into his inviting body. “You’ll go with me.”

“Is that a command I’m hearing from you?”

“I want you with me.” His mouth brushed over the sun-heated warmth of her short blonde hair, sending a shiver of lust into her middle. Oh, it was so hard to refuse him anything when he acted so domineering, so controlling, so overpowering. Was she so masochistic that she got excited by an overassertive man? Bruce had been this way at times too, and he’d only left her feeling cold. “With you on my arm, all the other guests will be envious of me. I’ll be able to get anything I want from them.”

Bruce all over again, she thought. “No, I can’t go.”


“I won’t let anyone use me like that again.”

Startled by her angry statement, she felt him step away from her. But he didn’t release her hand from behind his back. She moved a half step toward him to keep from hurting her trapped arm, turning sideways so only her hip touched his front. Somehow that positioning was less threatening.

But still his reaction to her nearness was obvious.

“How would I be using you? I would be proud to have you on my arm.” He leaned closer to her downward angled face, brushing her temple with his lips. “I would be proud and honored to be escorting ’Katherine Adams‘ to the party.”

“Would you be as honored and proud if I had a different past?”

“You would still be the same person, Kate.” He let go of her hand and reached inside his jacket pocket for the car keys. His hands lingered on her shoulders as she settled into the seat. “If I promise not to push you into something you’re not ready for, will you go to the dinner with me?”

“Matt, try to understand how I feel about this.”

“No.” Brushing his hand lightly along the edge of her cheek, he quickly closed the door and raced around the car. Getting behind the wheel, he turned to her. “Look at me.”

She did as he asked, without a thought.

“I’m not going to accept a negative answer.” He captured her face between his hands and stared into her eyes. “I’m going to win this battle, Kate.”

“Do you always get what you want?”

As if in answer, he caressed his fingers over her bottom lip before placing his lips on hers with a soft gentleness that threatened to melt her. The kiss soon changed to a more demanding one, hot and piercing clear to the center of her.

Whispering near her damp lips, he asked, “You’re going to the party with me, right?”

As she started to protest his lips fell onto hers once again, a searching snaking tongue playing havoc with her senses. He probed deep into the warm wetness of her mouth, sending protest out of her mind. Caressing his hands over the top of her head, he moved his touch over her bare shoulders. The kiss deepened as he placed his opened palm against the smooth skin of her back, twirling a delicate line of small circles toward the bottom edge of her sundress.

“Go to the party with me, Kate.”

This is what it meant to be the seduced instead of the seducer, she thought with suddenness. As his lips rose from hers and his hand moved to clamp the headrest of her seat, she understood why men wanted women like the character ‘Monica’ so much. She seduced, promised an ending to the aching need pooling into the other’s blood, promised a satisfaction of all their most vivid dreams.

“Go to the party with me.”

“Yes.” She should stay with her first answer, stay with her intended no, but his promise of fulfillment was too powerful to overcome. Kate wanted her aching to end, all of her pain. Just for one night, for one brief encounter, she wanted to feel alive again. “I’ll be happy to be your trophy date.”

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