Six Sentence Sunday

Hey, hi everyone. Got another snippet from my August release from Beachwalk Press, Forgotten Memories. This is my first paranormal. Right now Beachwalk Press is having it’s grand opening. All month.

If you’d like to read more from some other great authors, why not check out Six Sentence Sunday?

Thanks for all your comments. I really appreciate them all.

Oh, the heroine is psychic.


Harmless and friendly, yet spirits all the same.

Hers was a young saloon girl; Barb’s, an old spinster seamstress.

“If my ghost ever talks to me,” Jen said, “I’ll ask her.”

Barb nodded, but then a look of doubt crossed her face. “I don’t think ghosts can talk, do you?”

“I’m her boss now.”


5 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Interesting snippet, not many ‘ghost’ stories on Six Sunday so it’s refreshing to read. Great six!

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