Six Sentence Sunday

Another Sunday, another six sentences.

As promised I’m taking my snippets out of my August release at Beachwalk Press, Forgotten Memories. All this month the publisher is having a grand opening celebrations. Why not go to the site and check it out? I’m excited about this release. It’s my very first paranormal.  I’m posting the first six lines of the book today.

If you’d like to read more great lines, go to Six Sentence Sunday.

Oh, and hope everyone has a great 4th.


          “It’s too damn tight,” Jen Ferguson grumbled.

“Would you hold still?”

“No way in hell did women in the 1800s wear dresses this tight.” Jen dragged in a deeper breath and glanced at her smirking friend. Barb pulled the two ties of the garment together, clinching Jen’s waist even tighter inside the punishing material. “I doubt even prostitutes wore clothes this tight.”


17 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Hmm, wondering why she’s getting dressed up in historical costume. Great snippet and good luck with the release in August!

  2. LOL – I don’t think prostitues wore anything! Great six – I enjoyed the wordplay between the friends.

  3. For reasons unknown the last line made me laugh (even though I know perfectly well she’s wrong). Must be the rhythm. Nicely done.

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