Six Sentence Sunday

Hi all, this is the last #sixsunday I’m doing of  Saving Pale Moon.  I’ve got a book trailer almost finished for this book. I did it all alone, and now I’m trying to build up the nerve to put it on YouTube. Anything new always scares me. 🙂 But I’ll swallow my fear soon.

Next week I’m going to start posting snippet from my first paranormal, Forgotten Memories, my summer release at Beachwalk Press.

If you’d like to read more good excerpt, by some really awesome authors, click here.

Hope you enjoy the snippet.

Thanks for all your comments.


      “Then why don’t you?”

He groaned again. “If you truly knew me, you wouldn’t ask me why. You’d know why I can’t get involved with you — or any decent woman. You’ll change your mind about me.”


8 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Hmm, I think that’s for her to decide (whether or not she will change her mind about him). Intriguing six!

  2. Guys who have a secret are always the most interesting! Great six.

    I share your unease at trying something new, but … isn’t it great that we eventually go ahead and do it anyhow? I’m sure your trailer will be a winner.

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