Page 55

Don’t ask — page 55 from my very first ever published book, One and the Same. (This is the exact page from my copy of the book.)



Chapter Four

The rest of the week went quick for Matt, with only fleeting glimpses of his mother’s newest neighbor coming and going from the house next door. On Wednesday morning he decided just to stay away from his mother’s altogether. The woman had barely looked his way the two times they’d gotten close enough to speak, barely sang out in that sexy alto voice a simple hello.

He should be happy with her attitude, but he wasn’t happy at all. Because he missed that voice of hers, all warm and sexy, oozing promises and sweetness, and that radiant full smile with those white teeth biting into her bottom lip when she was upset.

Dense, his Aunt Grace had called him. Yes, dense would be a good description of him now. But no way were those two old ladies going to use those old letters to get their wish; no way would he allow them to mess with his past. He’d destroy the proof of his infatuation—along with that damn journal—before he’d allow his mother to show them to that woman.

Dense he may be, but no one would ever call him stupid.

The side alleyway came back into view slowly as he straightened up near the window, the sounds of pounding and male voices echoing in the air. The grimy litter-filled back area of his new headquarters greeted his eyes and he grinned at his own wandering thoughts. For a good ten minutes he’d been staring with unseeing eyes at the empty

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