Six Sentence Sunday

Another excerpt from my Desert Breeze Publishing release, Saving Pale Moon.

Hope you’re enjoying these little pieces of  my romance. I’m certainly enjoying reading all the other snippets at Six Sentence Sunday.  Why not go and check it out?

Thanks for coming by for a visit.


I’ve got a bit of the conflict here. (The ‘He’ here is the hero, Blake.)

        He barely looked at her. “I verified the appointment at the lab for the two of you for tomorrow.”

        “Son,” the elderly Hunter said. “Look at her and tell me truthfully if you still think those blood tests are necessary.” The older man looked at the quiet older woman. “I’ve accepted the truth of it.”


11 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. The comments feature for today’s Six Sunday is turned off, but I just wanted to drop you a line and compliment the use of verbs in the 1 May post. Not only were the verbs strong (and not “was”) but they also didn’t intrude. Spiffy bit of writing.

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