Six Sentence Sunday

Hi, all,

Hope you’re enjoying the journey in to #sixsunday.

Here’s my next snippet from Saving Pale Moon. Out now at Desert Breeze Publishing.

Thanks for stopping by today.


 Gonna introduce the hero to you today plus a bit of the ranch setting.  (The first time we see him in the book.)    

         Blake Hunter stood at the window of the ranch office and watched his adopted father stroll toward the nearest barn. Morning light reflected off the thin layer of dew covering the man’s wide shoulders. Blake leaned against the window frame, enjoying the stolen moments of peace as he watched the early morning activity around the barns. The cowboys had just released the last of the pent-up horses. They crowded around the gate of the small corral now until, as if one, the herd leaped into the air and landed hard on the ground, snow-dusted soil soaring up from their hooves. They soon disappeared into the dawning light.

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