Six Sentence Sunday

Today I’ve decided to start posting excerpts from Saving Pale Moon, the first book in The Sisters Callaway series. It’ll be out April 15 with Desert Breeze Publishing.

I’m so grateful for all the comments I’ve been receiving. Thank you so much.

If you’d like to read more snippits, go to Six Sentence Sunday.

Hope everyone is have a great Sunday.


Now for Saving Pale Moon. Here’s the first six (well, actually it’s seven.) sentences of the book.

      Hunter Dude Ranch.

      Her birth mother’s home.

      Jessica Callaway slowed the rented Ford F150 near the unlocked entrance of the sprawling ranch. Newly mowed grass and a level load of loose stones surrounding the black iron gates greeted her blurred vision. Weaved in the ebony steel were the letters HR with life-like horses stretching down each side, ending within solid blocks of cement on both ends of the entrance way. She dragged her gaze off the gate and pressed her foot on the gas, slowing and parking near a split-rail fence. Abby Hunter lived here.


8 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Congrats on your upcoming release!
    I received your email today that I won a copy! I look forward to reading your book!

  2. Great way to put the reader in the moment from the beginning. I pictured the gates very clearly, and now I want to know the rest of the story. Best of luck with your new release.

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