Guest Blogger — Shannon Leigh


Cheyenne searched the murky water around her. She thought she saw a large shadow, but it was gone before she could tell what it was.

Glancing around for Darian, she noticed with exasperation that he was nowhere to be found.

Some protector!

 Another movement against her leg called her attention. Cheyenne shrieked. “There’s something in here, and I’m getting out!” She dropped the soap and rushed toward the shore.

Just then, something seized her ankle and yanked. Her scream was cut off when her head disappeared under the water’s surface. After a few seconds, she came up coughing and sputtering. Frantically pulling the hair out of her face to see the beast that attacked her, her fear instantly turned to outrage when she heard Darian’s mocking snicker.

It was him! He’s been swimming under the water to look at me!

“You…You sneak! You’ve no manners what so ever. You’re a liar and a…a…”

With a frustrated growl, Cheyenne shoved a heavy lock of hair back from her forehead and lunged at him, no longer caring that neither one of them had on a stitch of clothing

Darian threw his head back and roared with laughter when her body impacted his in a furious mode of battle. “By the gods! Yer absolutely beautiful when angry.”

He easily caught her wrists before she could do any real damage.

Not that her pummeling fists could hurt him. “Calm doon before ya hurt yerself,” he commanded, chuckling at her livid outburst.

“To tell ya the truth, I really couldn’t see very much. This damn water is too cloudy. But I did find the soap.” He briefly held up the bar so she could see it, and then threw it onto the shore near their clothes.

“’Tis lucky I seen ya drop it, I didn’t brin’ another.”

Calm doon? Cheyenne wanted to scream. She didn’t care how cloody the water was. I’m sure you got an eyeful of more than just the soap!

She struggled a moment longer and then fell still. It was a lost cause. She knew he was too strong. Instead, she turned her efforts to glaring at him through narrowed eyes. She was getting pretty good with her I hate you look, but he wasn’t paying any attention. His gaze was cast lower.

Cheyenne looked down and gasped in horror. They were no longer standing in deep water. Here the surface only came to the bottom of her ribs. Her breasts were completely exposed, and he took no shame in staring.

With renewed strength, she struggled vehemently. “Let me go!” She wrenched her arms, trying to break free.

Darian ignored her. Pulling her against him, he circled one thick forearm around her body and pinned her wrists behind her back. Then he lowered himself down into the water and began to wade out farther, dragging her with him.

He took her out to the deepest part of the pool, behind the pillar of rocks, and successfully concealed them from any other onlookers. “I found this spot earlier,” he declared triumphantly. Then he released her and stepped back, as though waiting to see what she would do.

Cheyenne stretched her toes downward, reaching for the bottom. But the water was too deep. “I…can’t…touch…here,” she choked out between mouthfuls of fluid. She was so nervous she could barely keep her head above the surface.

He rewarded her with a knowing grin. “Hmm…” Wrapping his hands around her waist, he held her up so she wouldn’t have to continue treading. “Is that better?”

Not knowing what else to do, she put her palms on his shoulders. “Why’d you bring me out here? You promised to stay away.”

Cheyenne knew she was babbling, but she couldn’t help it. She was scared to death. This was a dangerous situation, one in which she was nearly helpless to escape. Suddenly, the water felt icy cold around her, and she began to tremble.

Her heart hammered in her chest, her breaths became gasps, and her mind was in a dizzying whirl of alarm. He’s too close. This was a bad idea. You never should have trusted him.

 “I want to—”

“Hush.” It was more a lusty request than a harsh command.

Darian’s hands slid down the curve of her lower spine and cupped her bottom. Pulling her up against him, he leaned his head down and captured her lips.

Cheyenne didn’t know what was happening. Her mind told her to run, kick, scream, anything to get away, but her body was determined to respond. A soft moan formed in the back of her throat as his tongue darted in and out of her mouth, bravely tasting her essence. Finally ignoring her head, she gave herself up to his skillful rapture.

Her whole body eagerly leapt to life as if it had been dormant, patiently waiting for the right man to release the passions deep inside. He’d awakened feelings of longing and desire she never knew existed within her. This new experience was alarming and exciting at the same time, making her eager to know more. Suddenly, she wanted…no, needed to know what making love could feel like.

Primal hunger surged through her veins, making her heart pound with the erratic rhythm of mounting passion. Instinctively, she wrapped her legs around his waist and pressed herself even closer. He was so warm, so hard, so strong. She didn’t care if she hated herself later, right now, her whole being yearned for fulfillment, and only he would suffice.

Shannon Leigh
Amber Quill Assistant Review Coordinator
“Giving readers the O in their erOtica.”

Shannon Leigh is a practicing registered nurse who graduated with a B.S.N. R.N. from the Indiana University School of nursing in May of 1996. She lives in Indiana with her husband, four sons, dog, and cat. Shannon and her family enjoy camping, fishing, and sitting out back while a cozy fire crackles in the fire pit. In her spare time, Shannon likes to decorate cakes, scrapbook, draw, read, write, and watch movies.

Despite a hectic schedule, Shannon tries to dedicate a couple of hours every day to writing, usually sometime between the hours of 9 P.M. and 3 A.M., after everyone else is in bed. She likes to curl up on the couch with her laptop, a cup of hot tea, the cat, and become engrossed in her characters.

Along with reading other romance genres, Shannon loves suspense, fantasy, and horror, but paranormal fiction remains her favorite. She has several stories available at Amber Quill Press, Audio Lark, and Wild Child Publishing. While most involve some paranormal aspect, she has dabbled in contemporary, and more recently, science fiction. With such an active imagination, she always has something in works.

To find out more about Shannon’s writing and her published stories, please visit her website.

Shannon Leigh


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