Yes, I got my cover.

The first look at the cover art for my new books is always a joyous thing.

And I’ve never been disappointed yet.

Saving Pale Moon will be released with Desert Breeze Publishing on April 15. This is the first of five books in my The Sisters Callaway series.

Here’s  the blurb:

            Jessica Callaway isn’t happy.

            Maybe meeting her birth mother now would be a good thing.

            And it would be if only for her brother.

            Blake Hunter doesn’t trust her. Why is she here now, after finding out about Abby twenty years ago? She does look like his adopted mother, but he plans on keeping a cool head until the verifying blood tests are done.

            Jessie senses his distrust, but she is still way too aware of him. The mere sound of his voice sets her on edge. When her birth mother tells her Blake is adopted, she relaxes her guard and decides to enjoy her time in Texas. With all the horses surrounding her, especially Pale Moon, she’s in heaven.

             Unfortunately Blake isn’t as accepting as the other Hunters.

             Has she done the right thing coming to Texas?

             Or has Jessie made the biggest mistake of her life?


20 thoughts on “Yes, I got my cover.

  1. Hi Theresa,
    Love the cover and the excerpt was really great. Oh I read your blog also about the furnace. I feel for ya girl. And insurance companies are terrible to get to understande you, both health and car etc…Anyway loved the excerpt.

  2. A beautiful cover. Best of luck with the book. There’s something very satisfying about going through particularly tough edits to make it perfect, no?

  3. congrats! i have done some tough edits with whispers, it’s worth it. good job on sticking with it and finishing. hope the next book goes better.
    nice cover by the way.

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