Six Sentence Sunday

Hey, guess what? Six Sentence Sunday is a year old today.

Today I’ve decided to show you the hero and heroine first meeting. Megan and the realtor, Brenda, are in the plantation house when Andy shows up. It also gives a hint of the conflict between them. I’m really getting to like these two characters. Don’t forget this is unfinished and unedited.

Hey, if you like this little excerpt from my WIP, Renovations, you’re going to love Six Sentence Sunday. Why not go and check it out?


        A deep male voice stopped her breath for a few seconds before she swallowed her sudden fear and turned toward the entrance to the dining room. Tall and slender like a basketball player, lean and strong with piercing dark brown eyes and black hair spilling lightly over his forehead, the man belonging to that voice stood frozen in the doorway. One long fingered hand reached toward her; the only clamped the edge of the door frame.

        “I am the one that talked Brenda in to adding the amended part of the contract.” With determined steps the man walked toward the table, stopping at the opposite side of her. “I don’t want you buying Green Oaks.”


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